What Krypton Season 3 Would Have Been

While the show has been canceled, the showrunner has revealed what the plans for Krypton season 3 would have looked like.

This article contains major Krypton season 2 spoilers.

Syfy detonated Krypton far too early, canceling the fan favorite Superman prequel just two days after it aired the season two finale. That finale was far from definitive, however, and left the show with some massive cliffhangers that may not ever get resolved. The first involved Lobo teaming up with Seg-El, in the most unlikely cosmic buddy scenario you can think of in a show that has been positively packed with them. And while news of Krypton‘s cancellation also came with word that Syfy was also passing on the Lobo spinoff, Krypton showrunner Cam Welsh promised that show might not be dead after all. So maybe we’ll see the further adventures of “Siegel” and Lobo on another network.

But what about those other two cliffhangers?

The first was that Brainiac had absconded with the infant Jor-El and was headed to Sector 2814. In other words, Earth. What could Brainiac have planned for a Kryptonian child under a yellow sun? Nothing good, of course. Welsh confirmed that Brainiac did indeed plan to raise Jor-El on Earth and let his powers come to fruition. And in a further exploration of the show’s ongoing “nature vs. nurture” themes, there’s no guarantee that young Jor would turn out as well as his famous son. Welsh revealed a scene from what would have been the first episode of Krypton season 3, showing just how malevolent a Kryptonian child could be when raised under the right…or wrong…circumstances.

The other cliffhanger revolved around what Nyssa saw after she stole Adam Strange’s Zeta Beam device. While we had theorized two possibilities, a Rann/Thanagar war or an invasion of Darkseid’s parademons, Welsh cleared that up on Twitter as well. “It was a squad of Thanagarians that Nyssa saw,” Welsh said. “She was on a Thanagarian occupied Rann, and we would have gotten heavily into the Rann/Thanagar war, with The Omega Men (not Darkseid) the wild card. Sigh.” 

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Fortunately, our own Aaron Sagers continued to press Welsh on Krypton season 3 details. Roughly half of the season would have dealt with Brainiac raising evil young Jor-El (in Russia, no less, shades of Superman: Red Son!) while cutting back and forth to action on both Rann and Krypton. And with all that Rann action, you could absolutely expect we’d finally meet Sardath and Alanna, and see Adam in action there with his new jetpack. They were even going to introduce the Eradicator during the season.

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While Welsh wouldn’t say whether there’s a chance that Krypton season 3 could find life at another network, there have been rumblings that Warner Horizon TV are shopping it around. Maybe DC Universe or HBO MAX will let us see this series get the conclusion it deserves.

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