Killjoys Season 4: Luke Macfarlane on D’avin as a Dad

Luke Macfarlane shares how his character, D’avin Jaqobis, will be changed by his relationships in Killjoys season 4, premiering tonight.

With Killjoys season 4 premiering tonight on Syfy, fans of the show already have a lot to speculate about. It’s not just about Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) heading off to confront the Lady with Aneela and Khlyen (Rob Stewart); there’s also the fact that D’avin Jaqobis (Luke Macfarlane) and his brother Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) are adrift in space with Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayo Nguyen), who is carrying D’avin’s child. Macfarlane joined us to preview D’avin’s journey, giving viewers a glimpse of at least a small part of the puzzle confronting us as the new season begins.

Having D’avin and Johnny confined in close quarters with Delle Seyah, who has been a recurring antagonist over the years, is complicated even further by her green-influenced pregnancy with D’avin as the father. “I have no idea how it is she got my 23 chromosomes, and we don’t really figure that out,” confesses Macfarlane, adding, “I think it’s a great thing for D’avin’s character. In a lot of ways season 4 is really about him being a father and being responsible for somebody, which has made him a much fuller, rounder guy. We don’t really know the specifics as to how I had my sperm stolen from me, but he’s definitely the father, one hundred percent.”

In fact, those looking for D’avin to continue leading the displaced members of the RAC in a battle against the Hullen may have to scale down their expectations for this character, who will have more immediate concerns to address. “His leadership comes in a much more human-scaled paternal type of leadership,” Macfarlane explains. “The world that we created is lost as far as armadas and ships and galleons and space vessels, so his leadership is daddy-focused.”

D’avin’s ability to reject the green in himself and others, despite Khlyen’s initial interest in such powers in earlier storylines, will also be wrapped up in Killjoys season 4, according to Macfarlane. “It’s an interesting thing with television: you open up these storylines and then you’re like, ‘What do we with this now?’” he says. “So there’s a resolution of sorts [for] D’avin’s manipulation of the green… which I think was a blessing because it always felt a little bit like we weren’t ever the show that was going to address it, and we kind of didn’t. It was always a bit of a hanging chad, so I really like the way the writers ultimately ended up deciding what to do with that.”

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The perennial question in many fans’ minds is how the relationship between D’avin and Dutch will evolve, and with the team separated at the start of season 4, that mystery may linger, even for Macfarlane himself. “I’ve definitely been frustrated at times and been like, ‘What is the plan here?’” he says of the dynamic between the soldier and the assassin. “And I think for a myriad of reasons, it’s very complicated if I’m being totally honest.”

On the one hand, Macfarlane understands the reason that Killjoys leaves that question unanswered. “There’s so many things that I think Killjoys is really successful at and that is partly challenging this idea about what an action-adventure show can be and having a female lead and what it means to be a man in that world and not wanting it to be like ‘Who’s she going to pick?’ not wanting it to be a love triangle, the fact that a man and a woman can be best friends and not lovers,” he says. “So there’s all these interesting things at play that sometimes makes it a little bit challenging as the actor being like, ‘Well then what is Dutch and D’avin?’”

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As for what Macfarlane himself would want for his character, he’s very clear that whatever serves the story is best, but he adds his own spin to that. “I want D’avin to be able to say what he wants from Dutch because so far he’s never really said what he wants from her either, which I think is part of the lack of maturity that both of them frankly as characters face,” he speculates. “They don’t really know how to ask somebody for help or for real relationship affection. It’s all very compartmentalized. The friendship with Johnny is one thing; the sex with D’avin is another thing, and in a way I think D’avin has a lot in common with Dutch in that regard.”

That being said, there’s been plenty of growth for D’avin as a character and for Macfarlane as an actor. “I try not to watch myself too much because you don’t want to get too self-conscious,” he explains, “but I know something we explored early on was having more of a sense of humor as he moved on, being a little bit more able to laugh at himself or at least kind of goofier, which is definitely a Luke quality. The original D’avin was much more focused and lean and mean… Finding the sense of play between Aaron and I as brothers is something I’ve always enjoyed exploring.”

Fans are certainly looking forward to returning to the unique mix of humor, science fiction, and adventure that Killjoys offers when the series returns to Syfy tonight at 10/9c right after the Wynonna Earp season 3 premiere. Although Macfarlane won’t be appearing as D’avin in the new storyline until episode two, there’s plenty of intrigue to look forward to, and we’ll be following along all season long here on Den of Geek.

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