Killjoys Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Johnny Dangerously

Zeph takes steps to regroup with the Jaqobis brothers, but Johnny takes D'avin on an unplanned road trip on this week's Killjoys.

This Killjoys review contains spoilers.

Killjoys Season 4 Episode 2

“There’s lots of murders and evil plots for domination.”

With Dutch and Aneela temporarily out of the picture, Killjoys zeroes in on the struggle to reunite Team Awesome Force. Though Hannah John-Kamen’s absence leaves a bit of a hole, “Johnny Dangerously” nonetheless gives the others, notably Zeph and Delle Sayeh, an opportunity to shine and reassert their importance to the overall narrative. However, the drastic measures deployed on several fronts put our heroes at risk physically as well as emotionally, and though the war with the Hullen seems to be momentarily put on hold, D’avin and Delle Sayeh’s decision could have devastating effects.

Right out of the gate we’re reminded that Johnny, D’avin, and Delle Sayeh Kendry forced to work together toward a common goal equals narrative gold, and when a group of scavengers seemingly comes to their rescue, it’s clear that this is too good to be true. “Well, the locals seem nice,” D’avin pronounces after they’re attacked, but it’s Johnny’s lethal wound that quickly forces a decision and affirms Delle Sayeh’s reluctant regard for the Jaqobis. Though Delle Sayeh’s snarkiness remains delightfully on display, the gravity of the situation forces her to focus her energies elsewhere. Her insistence that they use her small store of green plasma to save Johnny’s life does not come without consequence, and D’avin’s hesitation to allow his brother to be turned Hullen understandably complicates the escalating situation. Even though she suggests that she can later “cleanse” him, it’s not entirely clear whether that’s true or she’s simply nudging D’avin toward the only viable choice to save Johnny’s life. Regardless, it’s a monumental decision.

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Now that Johnny’s enjoying some of the benefits of being at least partially Hullen, it’s difficult to forget what D’avin went through as a member of Dr. Jaegar’s experimental mind control program in the military. Though many of D’avin’s memories have been erased, the invasive nature of Johnny’s treatment instills doubt that he made the right decision with his younger brother’s life. Will he regret listening to Delle Sayeh, and will John hold this over his brother’s head along with the missing Captain Apex comic? Nevertheless, it’s a clever approach that places our hero in a perilous situation with no easily discernible way out.  Once he recovers, John wastes no time making older brother squirm in an initially jarring scene that has us wondering whether the younger Jaqobis has gone completely over to the dark side. And though he quickly returns to his jovial self and questions why he’d ever be mad about “an upgrade of awesome,” it’s clear that this is a different and significantly unpredictable John Jaqobis. This not only sets up a confrontation between the brothers, but also a connection with Dutch and Aneela while they remain in the green with The Lady.

Unfortunately, that’s only part of the story, and now D’avin and Delle Sayeh must not only figure out a way off this rock but contend with the new and improved Johnny. As soon as she mentions neuropurging, a removal of all emotional bonds as a consequence of the transformation, we know where this story is headed. Though Johnny seems fully aware of D’avin and their relationship, whether he’ll still be willing to die for his older brother remains to be seen. And of course, looming on the horizon is his relationship with Dutch. Perhaps this is where Khylen’s proclamation that Dutch and Johnny always save each other comes into play, but for the time being, survival mode reigns as the order of the day. Our first thought when he sees a manifestation of Dutch imploring him to “Fight it, Johnny” is that he simply hears her voice in his head, but it’s likely an actual communication via the green. Despite the fact that there seemed to be no other option, Delle Sayeh and D’avin still differ as to whether the end justifies the means, setting up a multi-pronged conflict down the road.

Who doesn’t like a road trip? After secretly orchestrating Delle Sayeh’s capture, Johnny embarks on a quest with his unconscious, handcuffed brother in search of his next plasma fix, a byproduct of the minimal amount of green plasma he received. It’s left for D’avin to try to get Johnny under control, and we have to wonder why he doesn’t leave D’avin on the planet with Delle Sayeh. His comment about D’av being the “baby’s genetic father” raises the question as to how much emotional connection there will be with the Jaqobis once the child is born, and for that matter how much the mother will want to bond as well. Of course, that’s if Aneela doesn’t take the child first. Still, despite Johnny’s apparent focus on where he’s going and what he’s doing, it seems clear there’s danger ahead. And where does Johnny plan to “get his next fix?” Aneela’s Hullen ship? The Scarback Necropolis?

Naturally, Johnny and D’av’s arc stands as the primary focal point, but the addition of Kelly McCormack to the cast last season continues to pay big dividends. We’ve watched as Zeph has transformed from a meek, subdued Jaqobis fangirl into a bold, confident member of the team, and tonight it’s her willingness to formulate and put into motion a complex plan that resonates as much as any detail in this latest chapter of Killjoys.

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Her sidekick Pip (Atticus Mitchell) adds a unique skill set to the group, and his understated presence blends perfectly with the socially and professionally emerging Zeph. You have to admit, his Necropolis system hack is pretty hardcore. Once these two reunite with Turin, Fancy, and Pree, the tone shifts noticeably, and when Zeph and Turin clash over what to do about the Hullen “dolls,” we must concede that the RAC leader may have lost a bit of his edge. Why does he refuse to space the Hullen dolls? What does he hope will happen, because it certainly seems as if only bad will result from this decision.

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Though she and Pip undoubtedly still feel like newcomers, Zeph’s determination to save Johnny and D’avin supersedes any doubts she allows to creep in. When she advises the others to “please stop underestimating me,” Zeph all but solidifies her status in the group. It’s a brilliant moment for her and catches Turin and Pree a bit off guard. And even though she doesn’t let on that things could still go wrong with her suggestion to use Khylen’s jump ship technology and his cube, her greatest fear rests in letting down the Jaqobis brothers. Much more so than Pip, Zeph needs to be accepted into the family.

Starting with her role as Jessica “Berlin” Rainer in Defiance,  Anna Hopkins has methodically carved out a place for herself as one of science fiction television’s unsung heroes, most recently turning up on The Expanse as a conscientious journalist risking her life to expose the truth about the Belters’ plan. Here, however, we see her in a much different light. Perhaps Pip’s description fits best when he describes Fairuza as the “Scarback of my sexual nightmares.” Having left the order, dominatrix Fairuza now inflicts pain on others, but the mere mention of Alvis’ name motivates her to help them navigate the Necropolis once the cube makes it inside. One of the things I love about Hopkins’ character is that she underplays her badassness despite the striking visual her black leather garb gives off. I’d love to see her join the cast if only in a recurring state.

And what’s the deal with the metal spiders? After Fairuza blasts one, it appears that some green oozes out onto the ground. Are these some form of Hullen robot spiders that Aneela can also control, and since she’s in the green with Dutch, is she controlling them from there or is there someone else in play?

There’s a lot going on in “Johnny Dangerously,” but Johnny’s craving for the green plasma appears to hold one of the keys moving forward. And though this isn’t a full on evil Jaqobis we’re witnessing here, hopefully, it won’t take Dutch long to bring her best friend back to Team Human. Naturally, we miss Dutch, but once again, Killjoys does what it does so well – deliver an entertaining episode that combines a light touch with human emotion. Nicely done.


4 out of 5