Killing Eve Season 3 Trailer: What’s Next for Sandra Oh’s Character?

This very sparse teaser trailer for Killing Eve Season 3 has spurred our speculative juices. What might Sandra Oh's Eve be up to next?

If, like me, you saw the news of a Killing Eve Season 3 teaser trailer and got excited for your first proper first look at the new season of this beloved spy/assassin drama only to discover it is mostly a gorgeous Sandra Oh in a red dress, then you might be looking for more Killing Eve content to scratch the mid-hiatus itch.

Killing Eve doesn’t return until April 26th, which means we still have a while to go in this Droughtlander (oh, does that term only work in context?), but that doesn’t mean we can’t start speculating about what might be next for Eve’s character come Season 3. Take a moment to appreciate the fierce beauty of Sandra Oh in the teaser trailer below, then scroll down for a recap of where Eve’s been and some speculation on where she might be going…

When last we saw Eve… she wasn’t doing too well. After teaming up with Villanelle for a mission against techno-creep Aaron (whose throat Villanelle couldn’t help but slice) and killing Raymond to save Villanelle, Eve got assassin life cold feet. Villanelle begs Eve to run away with her, but Eve isn’t ready to turn her back on her humanity in that way. Rather than let her leave, Villanelle shoots Eve. The season ends with Eve bleeding out alone amidst some very picturesque Roman ruins.

So what’s next for Eve?

“So, obviously I didn’t die,” Oh told Porter last October. “[Season 3] is basically about coming back after that, emotionally.” 

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What might “coming back … emotionally” look like for Eve? Well, from what I can tell from the sneak peak photos for Season 3, it probably involves a service industry job.

Eve presumably has to stay off the grid, considering she basically cut all of her ties when she chose to save Villanelle and killed Raymond, who was a member of the 12. Carolyn made it clear that Eve’s operation was off-the-books, which means, as far as the British government knows, Eve is a rogue killer. No more exciting, well-paid MI-6 job. No more cozy house with exasperated yet supportive husband. There is now only chopping meat.

And what of Carolyn? In the Season 2 finale, we learned that she wanted Aaron dead all along, even if she told Eve and Villanelle expressly not to kill him. By having Villanelle go “off mission,” Aaron is dead without Carolyn taking the fall for it. Whatever she is up to, it is all going according to plan.

But is Carolyn underestimating Eve? She obviously doesn’t see Eve as a real threat, or she wouldn’t have used her as a scape goat. My guess is that Eve will surprise Carolyn in Season 3, and that much of the season will be about Eve getting back at Carolyn for using her and Villanelle in this way. (Might she get Carolyn’s son Kenny, who is basically a human cinnamon roll, get to help in this pursuit?)

But the relationship we’re all most eager to see develop is the one at the center of the series: Eve and Villanelle’s toxic flirtation. Season 1 ended with Eve stabbing Villanelle. Season 2 ended with Villanelle shooting Eve. Where do they go from here? They are “even,” by some sense of the word. Might they team up to take Carolyn down together? What does a happy ending even look like for these two?

That is the question that gives Killing Eve its narrative thrust. There’s something that draws these two together, again and again, a magnetism that is stronger than any other force in both of their lives. The only thing possibly stronger than this attraction? The inescapable reality that these two are too different to ever be together properly—at least not with one of them fundamentally changing.

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Watching Killing Eve has been an exercise in watching these characters realize this reality again and again, but make the same choices to come together anyway, to trick themselves and each other into believing that some kind of life together is possible. To fantasize about it, and indulge in the idea of what it might look like—especially for Villanelle. With this show already greenlit for a Season 4, we’re promised at least two more seasons of this cat-and-mouse cycle. Good news for everyone.

What do you think Eve will be up to in Killing Eve Season 3? What do you hope to see from the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments below…

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