Jane The Virgin: Chapter 13 Review

On tonight’s Jane the Virgin: Alba meets a man, Jane has a baby scare, and someone we thought was dead is very much not.

On this week’s Jane the Virgin, Jane decides to skip her graduation in order to have an amniocentesis to check on the health of her baby, and Michael gets close-but-no-cigar on figuring out his Sin Rostro case.


Jane and Rafael head to the doctor to learn the sex of their baby and instead learn that their baby might be having some health complications. The only way to know for sure is to have an amniocentesis, but one in 300 result in a miscarriage. I know – heavy way to start, right? Jane ultimately decides to go through with it to be prepared in case there is an issue, and now we have to wait two weeks for the results, which sounds insane to me in 2015 in the U.S., but so does the 1:300 statistic so what do I know?


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Jane can’t make her college graduation because she’s on bed rest, so Rafael brings the graduation to her. Rogelio and Xo both give sweet speeches while Rafael places a graduation cap on Jane head, and stares at her with adoration. My graduation was in 104-degree weather with no overhang. I would have loved to graduate from my bed! The whole scene was very touching and gave both the characters and audience something else to focus on instead of the impending news of Jane’s blood work.


Roman Zazo lives! But lots of people on Twitter seemed to have forgotten about him, and there was general confusion as to who he actually was and what his connection to the story is. Although Anthony Mendez, the narrator, says Roman Zazo at least twice an episode, without a visual connection, I think people forgot who he was and were left scrambling for assumptions. But Rafael is shaking his hand, which makes me hope that Rafael isn’t as perfect as he’s been portrayed so far and that Justin Baldoni can have some fun with his character!


  • The very real issue of a fetus’ health and possible miscarriage and all that goes with it put a damper on the lightheartedness that we love about this show, so I look forward to getting back to the silly stuff next week.
  • Cheech Marin and Abuela Alba? Yes please!
  • “I have 1.4 million more followers than he does.” Of course Rogelio would know exactly how many followers Tom Cruise has and where he stacks in comparison.

I give this episode three out of five stars. Last week was so strong with Jane finally getting a chance at living her dream as a writer and connecting on a deeper level with her dad, that now vacillating between possible birth defects and the Sin Rostro storyline left me wanting more. The Sin Rostro storyline feels forced at this point but can’t disappear, so I hope the reveal that Roman Zazo is still alive will inject new life into this plot.


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3 out of 5