iZombie Season 4: All of the Brains to Look Forward To

From rom-com brain to professional wrestler, we've got a lot of brains to look forward to in iZombie Season 4.

iZombie is back on Monday for Season 4, which means a whole new season of brains for Liv (and Major) to nibble on.

Den of Geek was part of a group of reporters who visited the iZombie set back in the fall. We talked to the cast about what we have to look forward to when it comes to brains this season…

Romantic comedy brain

One of the brains that came up again and again from the cast, a sure fire sign that it will be a good one, was the romantic comedy brain. At some point in the season, Liv will eat the brain of someone obsessed with romantic comedies as part of a two-parter. 

“Rom-com brain was really funny,” said Aly Michalka (Peyton). “She’s great and so ridiculous, and yeah, Rose is really great at that brain.”

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Michalka teased a moment during rom-com brain when Liv falls for a random guy at Romero’s, Blaine’s new cemetery-to-table restaurant. “It makes zero sense, and Ravi and I are having this moment of watching her just sloppily make out with this guy, and we’re really disgusted by what we’re seeing. And it’s just a really funny scene.”

In general, Michalka said Peyton is very compassionate when it comes to Liv’s ever-changing personality.

“I think now, at this point, she’s so used to Liv having these changes every week or so, that it’s almost like a hormonal thing at this point. It’s like oh yeah, it’s that time of the month for you, right? So I think she’s pretty used to it, and I think sometimes it’s annoying, but more than anything it’s amusing.”

“That’s a great one,” said Rahul Kohli of the rom-com brain. “That’s one of my favorites. That’s some of the fun that you can have on the show … We can be quite meta. Also, they do something stylistically that reflect that brain, which I don’t think we’ve done in certain aspects before. It’s not just a character have clothes or her personality changing. The show looks different in certain aspects, and closer to those rom-com tropes, and I really enjoyed that.”

Professional wrestler brain

While Liv and Major won’t be sharing any related brains this year, like they did with last season’s father-teen daughter duo, they will be interacting while on different brains, which can lead to the same type of comedy.

“When I’m on wrestler brain, she’s on rom-com brain,” teased Robert Buckley. “So when she’s having her Truly Madly Deeply moments, I’m screaming at the top of my lungs and gesticulating loudly, so they definitely pair brains but we didn’t actually dine together off brains that know each other.”

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Buckley gave us a little more info on that professional wrestler brain Major is on this season.

“I swung for the fences on this one,” said Buckley. “I tried to even go bigger than teenage girl brain which is pretty easy if you watch wrestling at all … When you watch the Macho Man Randy Savage and those guys… It’s not hard, you kind of have to go big.”

Hockey goon brain

Much of the conversation of Liv on hockey goon brain revolved around getting to see Rose McIver on skates.

“We got to watch Rose, literally on ice, doing her own stuff,” said Kohli. “Luckily, she can ice skate. I don’t know if they knew that, or if they just hoped that she’d just figure it out. She seems to always deliver the goods. That was a really good one.”

Seahawks fan brain

In the iZombie Season 4 premiere, Liv eats the brain of a major Seattle Seahawks fan, which not only proves entertaining, but also works well for exploring how the new status quo affects “normal” life in Seattle—i.e. yes, people still care about the Seahawks, even after the zombie apocalypse has seemingly begun.

Dowager brain

Kohli called Liv’s turn as a dowager “quite fun,” but the best preview we can give of this upcoming brain is this photo…

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“The Game” brain

At some point in Season 4, Liv will be eating the brain of a man who lives by the rules of “The Game,” aka the guidebook for men who fancy themselves pick-up artists.

“Liv’s on this brain which makers her think she can tell everybody how to school girls and stuff, so it’s pretty funny,” teased McIver. “It’s very tongue-in-cheek and commenting about who those people are and what they can get away with.” 

Rodeo brain

Buckley also mentioned a rodeo/cowboy brain as a “standout” brain Major will be on at some point this season. Major Lillywhite as a cowboy? Yep, sign us up.

Rapper brain

When we were on set, the iZombie cast was busy filming an episode in which Liv was on rapper brain.

“Rose has her work cut out for her because they don’t shy away from letting her be a rapper,” said Buckley. “But it’s Rose. I’m actually really excited for that because when I read it, my first thought was ‘Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the one having to do this brain.’ Just because I’m innately lazy.”

Buckley didn’t seem too concerned about Rose McIver making the brain work, saying that, for three years, the lead actress has delivered a killer performance for brain after crazy brain. Besides, he’s seen her do karaoke.

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“I’ve seen Rose do a little bit of rap at karaoke and she’s kind of a beast,” said Buckley. “She’s got skills, so I think she’ll crush it. That’s pretty usual.”

iZombie Season 4 premieres Monday, February 26th on The CW.