It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 8, Episode 7: Frank’s Back in Business, Review

Finally we get to see Frank's keen business sense as he unleashes his inner Warthog.

Sunny fans have heard the stories of Frank’s keen business sense for years but have yet to see it in action. Finally, Sunny reveals the civilized, Wall Street version of Frank that fans have dreamed about in Frank’s Back in Business.

When Frank is called on to rescue the company he founded, the animal side of Frank we’ve become so used to, goes away, but only temporarily. In the business world, Frank is referred to as “The Warthog” for his no nonsense, Drill Sargent approach to running an office. He’s ruthless, cunning and unethical and he’s revered for it.

Frank takes Charlie as his right-hand man and makes exuberant charges on the company credit card, including remodeling his office with the theme of the “1980’s glory days.” Nothing unexpected comes out of the Frank plot. If past episodes were any indication, Frank has one way of doing things – his way.

The sub-plot of Dennis, Dee and Mac stealing the identity of a man who left his wallet at Paddy’s is more intriguing because, as we’ve seen all season long, Dennis takes charge.

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As the episode goes on, we find out that the two plots weave together. Dennis is enamored with the thrill of impersonating a well-respected businessman. He talks extensively about “getting off” in a speech to Dee and Mac, showing that once again he finds a sick, sexual pleasure in controlling people.

Dennis has two businessmen on a leash, swindling them for beers, massages with happy endings and a small, Asian caddy. He gets everything he wants, while dangling a false business deal over the heads of two men who think Dennis is as savvy as they come.

But in Philadelphia it all has to come to an end. Frank fires Charlie for his unprofessionalness and Mac is pushed to the limit and leaves the scheme all together.

The ending of the episode is a microcosm of the series as a whole. The two outcasts, Charlie and Mac don’t sit idle for long and predictably they attempt to ruin the sweet lies of Dennis, Dee and Frank.

Frank strips his company down, essentially firing everyone in the room. He has no remorse because the deal was in the best interests of his wallet. Charlie and Mac expose Dennis as a fraud to the businessmen he strung along. Dennis, clearly the brains of this whole operation, has little remorse because he claims to have “gotten off” multiple times from the scheme. 

“Sometimes it’s only the guy who gets off,” he says. 

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And once again, Dee, who hung around the scheme with Dennis, comes up empty handed.

Sunny Moments:

The return of Vick Vinegar.

Charlie’s crow obsession: “I drink it every morning so I can fight like a crow.”

Dennis telling his best friend and his sister “I want you guys to get off with me.”

 Sunniest Moment:

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In a misunderstanding (or is it?) Dennis, caught up in the thrill of his fraudulent scheme, nearly sodomizes a small Asian boy.