Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Morning Of The Mindstorm

Iron Fist season 2's early character development starts to pay off in Morning Of The Mindstorm. Spoilers ahead...

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This Iron Fist review contains spoilers.

Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 7

Davos finally getting the Iron Fist, and the clear breakdown this is leading to, suddenly makes clear why he was given so much time towards the beginning of the season to seem sympathetic. Ultimately, while he may be righteous, he’s also a fanatic. Training up kids to be his helpers might seem noble, but ultimately he’s more like Bakuto than anyone else we’ve seen. And perhaps that’s the point? Maybe Davos is going to realize that he’s actually re-establishing The Hand and either embrace or reject that. Either way, I’m gripped to see where he goes next, and how they stop him.

But it also means Davos now aligns well with both Danny and Colleen – he’s taken on both of their missions and he’s doing them with less nuance than either of them. He may revere the purity of K’un Lun, but he’s clearly one gong short of a monastery. Danny may have talked himself up too much when he held the Iron Fist, but at least he didn’t paint himself as a savior.

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Of course, at this point Danny is barely mobile. I’m not sure I fully buy into the idea that Colleen can’t compartmentalise enough to teach Danny without destroying their relationship, but it does ring true in that she wants out of the pseudo-superhero life and she keeps getting pulled back into it. It was a bigger problem that Danny ignored her wishes and turned their apartment into a dojo without considering her, and I think they could have made a little more of the idea.

I think it’s fair to say at this point that I’m enjoying the pseudo-mystical mythology more than the sibling drama. Still, Ward’s drunken fight was a high point, but the revelation that he got Bethany pregnant seemed a little melodramatic. If this is going to be used as a catalyst to help him change all of his priorities then God help us, not least because Bethany’s clearly got her own shit going on and her getting pregnant deserves better than to be used as the reason for someone else to clean up.

As for the episode’s Easter eggs, there’s not a huge amount but the inclusion of the name “Erskine” in “The Erskine collection” as the source for the scroll explaining the Iron Fist ritual is a biggie. Not because he shares a name with Professor Erskine from Captain America, but because it’s a clear reference to “Lucky Pierre”, aka Ernst Erskine. Lucky Pierre is (or was) the sidekick to another Iron Fist: Orson Randall, who held the fist during World War I. It would make sense that this guy might have had artifacts relating to K’un-Lun and the Iron Fist, and I really hope the show looks into that history at some point because, as you may have guessed, this is the stuff I love most about Iron Fist as a character.

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It would be remiss of me not to at least mention the thing most people can’t help but have caught, but Mary mentions her military past including an incident in Sokovia, the small nation invented for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Surprisingly, it appeared in the movies before the comics, though I would argue it’s based on Slorenia, a country Ultron wiped out the entire population of in Avengers Vol. 3 #19 (1999) and which first appeared in Force Works #4 (1994)

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The title of this episode is taken from Marvel Premiere #25 (1975).