Humans Season 4 Won’t Be Happening

Unless a new producer/distributor steps in, we won't be getting any more episodes of android drama Humans.

Humans, the speculative fiction drama set in an alternate reality in which synthetic humans have been integrated into domestic life, has been cancelled by AMC and its British co-producer Channel 4 after three season. It’s sad news for fans of speculative fiction—this was a good one, with a wonderful cast that includes Merlin‘s Colin Morgan and Crazy Rich Asians‘ Gemma Chan, among many others.

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The news came from showrunner Sam Vincent, who created Humans with Jonathan Brackley. The show was an adaptation of a Swedish drama.

Here’s what Vincent had to say about the cancellation via Twitter…

“Sadly, there won’t be a 4th season of Humans,” the showrunners said in the statement. “In this age of unprecedented choice and competition, we can have no complaints. Channel 4 & AMC were the perfect partners. They supported the show brilliantly and above all – let us make three seasons!”

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Addressing the unanswered questions left hanging after Season 3, the statement reads: “We know we left some threads hanging. That was the way we always wrote the show. Maybe one day we’ll get a chance to pick them back up. If there’s anyone out there with a few million quid and an interest in AI stories, we’re all ears. DM us Elon.”

Hey, it worked for The Expanse!

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