Human Target season 2 episode 12 review: The Trouble With Harry

Has Human Target lost its identity? The penultimate episode of season two is exposing some problems, argues Kevin...

This review contains spoilers.

2.12 The Trouble With Harry

Our second helping of Human Target in a week kicks off in a bar where Chance is sitting handcuffed when our old friend Harry (Tony Hale) walks over and sits beside him.

To explain why he’s there, we get a flashback to a client, Sarah (Nicole Bilderback), briefing with the team. The client’s fiancé, Henry Claypool (Michael Massee), has threatened to kill her. He is the head of a large security company who lives in a private compound. His fiancée has just found out that Henry also runs hitmen.

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At this point, Ilsa interrupts. She’s been having Guerrero find out who the girl from last episode’s photo was and he’s come to the conclusion she was a mistress.

To protect their client from Claypool, the team had decided they needed to break into the compound and, moving to the current time, Chance explains to Harry that he got caught on the mission and he’s to be exchanged for the information the team stole from Claypool, and he relays the sequence of events to Harry.

The plan involved Ilsa distracting Claypool and trying to find out a password from him while Chance and Ames break into his office.  Claypool’s head of security, Mr Vaughn, then took Ilsa in to meet Claypool while Guerrero, posing as a driver, hacked into the CCTV.

With Winston guiding them, Chance and Ames made it to the office, but their first problem was heat sensors, which Ames took care of. While this was going on, Ilsa was talking to Claypool. She had taken with her a bottle of wine laced with truth serum. To get Claypool to drink the wine and reveal his password, Ilsa was forced to drink it herself first.

Back at the bar, Harry is slowly helping Chance with his escape.

Under the influence of the drug, Ilsa told Claypool why they were there and Chance was running into problems with the office., forcing Guerrero to help Ilsa get the password, which Chance used to steal Claypool’s files.

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Ilsa eventually gave herself up so that Guerrero and Sarah could escape while Chance set off the security alarms so that Ames could get away.

Chance stayed behind to rescue Ilsa and took out half of Claypool’s security staff to accomplish this. He then caused a distraction, allowing Ilsa to escape on horseback.

Firmly back in the present, Chance explains what’s going to happen to Harry. Ilsa shows up to exchange the files for Chance, but Claypool decides to keep both of them. Using a bottle of whiskey, Chance, via shootout, manages to rescue Ilsa with a little help from the team.

The episode ends, as quite a few have this season, with just Ilsa and Chance talking, this time ending in a kiss.

That’s the recap, then. So what was the episode like?

Well, for me, this episode just never really got going, like most this season. The use of flashbacks as a narrative device was a welcome return, as was Harry, and the action was, as usual, very good.

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The whole episode, though, only really seemed to be used to continue the somewhat out of place Chance-Ilsa romance,  with everything from Chance allowing her to go on the mission up to Harry explaining it to him in the bar.

Ames, again, was underused, as were Guerrero and Winston, but we’re getting used to that by now.

It looks highly likely that the next episode will not only be a season finale, but a series finale of a show that lost its identity. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that they can make it go out with a bang.

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