Human Target season 2 episode 11 review: Kill Bob

Human Target struggles for form with its latest episode. Kevin takes a look...

This review contains spoilers.

2.11 Kill Bob

Let’s catch up with Human Target, then.

Episode 11 opens with a guy in a car very luckily surviving an assassination attempt. Bob (Todd Grinnell) visits the team for help and then has no idea why Chance decides to send him back to his life. But the team fills in around it, waiting for someone to try and kill him again.

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So what happens? Well, Bob and his wife, Angie, (Lauren German) visit a market with the team following. While watching them, the team notice some strange behaviour from Angie, which peaks with her pulling a gun from her bag and walking after Bob. Chance intervenes and gets him out of there.

Ilsa and Ames show up while the team talk about why Bob’s wife would want to kill him. They’ve done a background check and find that she’s been married before and that her husband wound up dead. We then see Angie talking to a Russian about why Bob isn’t already dead.

Winston and Guerrero had been following Angie and decide to break into the office she was just in to find out what she was doing. They learn that Bob and Angie are going for a romantic getaway, and Chance manages to talk himself into going along.

Ames and Guerrero break into the office, and while Guerrero tries to hack the computer, a couple of Russians get alerted to their presence. They rappel down the side of the building just as the Russians get into the office.

Meanwhile, at the romantic resort, Chance is informed that Angie is a Russian spy, while Angie is informed of the break-in and is suspicious of Chance. An amusing scene over dinner ends with Chance and Angie trying to kill each other, Mr And Mrs Smith style. Chance and Bob make their escape as more Russians show up.

Winston and Guerrero have almost cracked a file they stole from the office when they notice a file on Ilsa’s husband, Marshall.

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Back at the cabin, Chance figures out that Angie isn’t really trying to kill Bob. She’s just making it look like she is for her boss.

The team inevitably come up with a plan, after which Guerrero shows Chance the file on Marshall Pucci, which includes a picture of him with a another woman. Ilsa interrupts this, and once shown the picture, decides to investigate the woman’s identity. She asks Ames for help with this while the rest of the team are helping Bob.

The plan involves swapping a hard drive with a code on it in exchange for letting Bob live. The team have him meet with the Russians on his own while they watch from a distance.  Once the Russians have the code, Angie is ordered to kill him. Chance believes that Angie has a plan to let Bob live, so he doesn’t interfere, but then she shoots Bob. She shoots him near the heart, but far enough away that he won’t die. Then Chance goes after the Russians.

This ends in a kind of 21st century joust, with two cars heading towards each other, with Angie and Chance hanging out the passenger doors shooting at each other. At the last second, Angie takes her finger off the trigger and Chance takes the shot, putting it exactly where she had with Bob, leaving the Russians thinking they’re both dead.

The episode ends with Bob and Angie leaving for a new life with new identities.

Plot done, let’s look at the inevitable question: was it any good?

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Well, for me, this was definitely one of the weakest episodes this season. While it had a few laughs (the dinner scene was quite enjoyable), it just never got going. The side story with Ames getting married was essentially pointless and the side story with Ilsa’s husband never led anywhere, although I’d imagine that was just setting up for a later episode.

The whole episode was clearly aimed at a Valentine’s Day showing date, as the message throughout all was about love. Showing Chance, who’s usually cynical about things, believing in it, seemed a little out of place.

With only a couple of episodes left this season, it’ll be interesting seeing where they go next.

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