Heroes s1:8 review

Tony gets up to date with Heroes and says last night's episode shows it's just getting better and better. Will miracles never cease?

Yet again, Heroes continues to improve. After a fairly so-so start to the series, things are really beginning to cook. For a start, we got to see a bit of background to the Mohinder Suresh story, including an insight into his relationship with his father. We also learned that Mohinder had a sister, who died at the age of five. He had no idea about her, but discovers that she too was ‘special’. It’s not revealed how she was special, but I’m guessing that perhaps Mohinder himself might also have the odd super power or two. I have no idea if that’s true or not, but we’re sure to find out soon.

One thing I did guess right though, was that Mr Bennet isn’t as nasty as he first appeared. After the bug-eyed alien-looking girl Eden turned up at Isaac’s place, she didn’t hurt him in any way. It’s Sylar who does that, and he’s also the guy that Mr Bennet’s after. However, despite his concern for his daughter, it’s clear he’s still a little morally bankrupt. When Isaac refuses to take any more heroin, Bennet orders Eden to make him do it. Considering how much effort he’d previously made to get high, you’d think he’d appreciate a hit free of charge. Anyway, he gets off his face and duly begins painting. However, Mr Bennet is none too pleased when he paints what appears to me to be a screwed up version of the Ready Brek man.

Meanwhile, Fat Matt and the FBI woman are busy interrogating Mr Explodey Ted Sprague. At one point, he gets a bit irate and the glass of water he’s holding begins to boil. Matt and FBI woman, obviously unconcerned about the fact that they’re probably both sterile by now, manage to calm him down. It turns out, that like Matt, Ted was abducted, and they both have the same mark on their neck. I’m guessing this is either the result of some kind of implant, or it’s a barcode.

The highlight this week though, was once again, Hiro and Ando. Deservedly, Hiro got a bit of lady loving, which was nice. Her name’s Charlie and she’s a waitress in the diner where they’re at. Slightly predictably, she’s got a special ability – she memorises stuff really quickly (I bet she still gets her orders mixed up). Unfortunately, she also becomes Sylar’s latest victim.

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On seeing his new-found love interest with the top of her screwed off like a bottle cap (she’s using a big tin opener when it happens – nice imagery there), Hiro is understandably upset. He decides to go back in time to the previous day to save her, and tells Ando to count to five, because he’ll be back in five seconds. But he doesn’t return, and we see him in a photo on the wall with Charlie, indicating he went back much further than expected. Clearly, he’s not yet able to control his powers then.

All in all, it was a satisfying episode. It was good to finally have some insight into Mr Bennet’s motivation. The makers could have strung it out if they wanted to (think Lost’s hatch), but they seem to have a better understanding of what their audience wants.