Helix: Reunion Review

Helix ramps up the creepy as it tries to tie up loose ends from season one.

I complained last week about too many loose threads remaining from an already scattered set of mysteries in season one, and I’m happy to say that a couple of those threads are weaved back into the latest episode of Helix entitled, “Reunion.” Alan Farragut’s re-introduction into the story brings back the Ilaria connection among other things, albeit in the very secretive, close-mouthed way we’ve come to expect from the show.

A picture of the overall conspiracy is starting to emerge as the cult’s involvement in botanical manipulations unfolds, being reminiscent of contemporary GMO controversies. Perhaps the viral outbreak is a result of horticultural hubris, and the cult’s private way of life prevents them from sharing the true nature of their island. But I get the sense there’s more to the story than just a conspiracy to hide a dirty little secret, and this theory is reinforced by the continued flash forwards to Julia 30 years hence.

The skeleton buried in Alan’s grave and the map inscribed on the bones is obviously meant as a signal or clue, perhaps to Julia herself or simply future visitors to the cursed island. Precious little detail is shared about the nature of Julia’s fatal infection, but it, along with Alan’s presence on St. Germain in the present, indicates there may be an Ilarian connection to the cult and the outbreak as well. The flash drive alone proves the immortals must be tied into Brother Michael’s group somehow.

Honestly, that tenuous tie was all that was keeping my interest coming into season two, but fortunately for the writers, the completely reinvented setting and circumstances are starting to grow on me like a spore-engorged pustule. I definitely like the plant-inspired virus, although it’s rage-inducing symptoms are far too inexplicably similar to the unrelated Narvik strain. The cover-up and removal of the undesired infected is intriguing if frustratingly vague. But I guess you gotta have some mystery, right?

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The highlight of the episode for me was the permanent pregnancy of Sarah Jordan. This particular loose end from season one had a shocking twist filled with images of a year of morning sickness and an immortal fetus doing god knows what in the womb. But the fact that Alan cannot be shaken out of his secrecy, “I can’t tell you for your own protection,” is just annoying. I’m so done with this excuse, and it’s a lazy way to dole out secrets in a narrative.

But okay, Helix. You got me interested with your cult seductress trying to get Kyle to “be her path” and your heavy metal playing while Dr. Jordan brazenly does sciency science without gloves on. It’s all so stupid and illogical, but I’ll admit it’s entertaining. With their new hashtag, #WhatTheHelix, Syfy has embraced the WTF of this show. And God bless them for it.


3.5 out of 5