Haven, Season 3, Episode 7: Magic: Part 1, Review

In this week's episode of Haven, Magic Hour, Audrey and Duke leave the town of Haven, Maine to head west in hopes of discovering The Colorado Kid's true identity.

(I tried to find the novel “The Colorado Kid” at our local Barnes and Noble, only to discover that it’s under “Crime and Mystery” and not “Fiction,” which was where most of the Stephen King novels were.  Bummer.  I’m guessing that Haven is as loosely based on this novel as the movie “Lawnmower Man” was on Stephen King’s short story.)

At the beginning, there is a woman and man standing over a child with blood running out of her mouth and lying on a table.  They are waiting for the sun to go down…the man wants to call the police, but the woman refuses.  The girl suddenly disappears; they go looking for her to find her on the front porch, swinging away on the porch swing…apparently fine.

Audrey insists that she needs to go away to find “James,” someone she used to love but doesn’t remember.  She and Duke fly out to Colorado, but Nathan is clearly not happy.

The parents of the injured girl find she is fine and say it’s a miracle. But the mom gets run over in the parking lot of the hospital and the father panics…no one got a good look at the driver.  Tommy seems concerned that Audrey is gone to Colorado, but happy to do some “good old fashioned surveillance.”  Nathan finds Jordan in his office; she tells him a friend is missing.  Jordan wants to see evidence the psycho killer is in the guard.  She asks, “How could Grady do this?”  And Nathan explains that he is cutting people up to use the pieces to build his own woman.  Jordan is convinced she can bring this guy in…”Give me 24 hours to make this right.”

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Tommy thinks the accident is a “classic money job,” as he reports to Nathan.  Nathan wants to meet him out to confirm. 

Audrey and Duke (providing comic relief, as usual) go looking for James Cogan.  They arrive at a house in the woods only to have a door slammed in their face.  They find a symbol on the person’s front porch and knock on the door again, insisting that the owner knows about the Guard…the person in the house says James Cogan died years ago.

The husband of the woman hit by a car goes into the morgue and says they dropped off his wife. Something happens at midnight…suddenly the black plastic the body is under moves and they cut the wife out, still alive…ok, weird!  And if something is happening at midnight, it’s probably not good!

Tommy grills the husband, telling him he saw him drop cash for something…he asks if it was to bring his wife back to life.  This payment was apparently some sort of “ransom,” which happened to the daughter as well…so this is obviously a pattern.  The man got “hooked with the freebie” and had to pay for his wife to come back from the dead.  The husband’s partner in an organic farm owns the car that hit the wife.

Jordan confronts someone working on a pier, asking him about Grady, and she shows him her tattoo with the symbol.  He doesn’t know much except that the cops showed up…and that the people with the symbol were supposed to “leave him alone to live his own life.”

Audrey and Duke visit the mother of James, who still thinks her son is a nine year old boy.  She grabs Audrey’s hand and asks, “You?  You said you’d never come back.”  The woman is distraught and an orderly asks Audrey to leave.  Duke says they need to come back and find another way to get through to her.

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Nathan and Tommy go to the house of Sophia Carter (one of the partners in the organic farm), and her husband is dead in front of her on the floor with blood flowing from his head..she tearfully explains that “he’s not supposed to stay dead.”  When pressed as to who said this, she says, “The person who killed my husband!”

Tommy and Nathan decide to check out alibis; Audrey calls and says she found something interesting…the tattoo people ran some underground operation in Colorado.  Audrey thinks it might be connected to her past.  Duke has tried to find a separate room, but there are none available, so he has to sleep in Audrey’s room on the couch.  Audrey is starting to think she has had past lives from different decades.  Duke took a photo album from the old lady they met…they look at it in the cabin.  Audrey says James Cogan’s life was well documented, but she can’t seem to remember anything.  She thinks the CO Kid married someone named “Arla,” so Duke suggests they focus on that for now.

Nathan and Tommy stay with Sophia; she brings them coffee in the morning…she gives them some clues…

A couple is suddenly shown arguing…Noelle and her boyfriend…her sister Moira shoots the boyfriend in the head and threatens Noelle, saying that “her boyfriend can’t screw things up.”  Um…ok…what??  I was just getting into the whole Sophia/Tommy/Nathan thing…ah, never mind…

The girlfriend touches the boyfriend and takes on his head wound…Moira says big sister will fix everything.

Noelle is a paramedic, who was there when the little girl from the beginning broke her neck but survived.  The sisters are orphans but lived in some sort of cabin off the grid.  Moira takes Noelle to a cabin and says they can’t get out of Haven that night.  They argue about Noelle’s “disease” and not letting people die when Noelle let their dad die.  There’s obviously a LOT of sisterly guilt going on here…Moira insists on no more screwups; Noelle wants to stop, but Moira will not stop until she gets what’s “coming to her.”

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Audrey talks to Duke in their room, discussing her two past lives.  Duke says she has to “beat the Hunter thing;” she just wants to live her life.  They have this super-deep conversation, start making out, but Audrey balks and says 20 days is not long enough to fix the friendship if she screws this up, so she goes outside for air instead of, well, “boinking” Duke.

The next morning, Audrey comments how beautiful the area is, which explains why her two past lives were here.  Duke triggers something by mentioning he can picture her as a redhead.  Jordan has found Grady, who has been dead for a while…she tells Nathan that one of Nathan’s men was the last to see Grady alive and insists there’s a rogue in the department.  After which Nathan hangs up on her.

Moira gives Noelle something for protection. Audrey dons a red wig to go see June, the old woman in the nursing home. June talks about James, and bringing him back. She says she loved him so much, and June says she could protect her baby.  Audrey realizes that James Cogan is her own son.

Duke asks Audrey how she feels knowing she has a son. Audrey is pretty baffled and can’t respond.  She gets a call from Nathan, saying she needs to get to the cabin where Noelle is hiding out.  He sends the coordinates; Nathan notes that it’s Route 17, which has some type of significance that’s not immediately revealed.


Nathan ignores a call from Jordan; he and Tommy raid the cabin, where Noelle has a gun.  They ask where her sister is; she says she’s gone.  Noelle blames herself for everything that’s happened to other innocent people.  Nathan opens the trunk and discovers a bolt gun Tommy has made himself and then Tommy shoots Nathan with it.  He also shoots Noelle as she runs away.  Just then Audrey and Duke show up to find Nathan lying wounded on the ground.  Tommy tries to blame it on Noelle…Duke knows he is lying.  The episode ends with Audrey lingering over Nathan’s lifeless body…stay tuned for next Friday!!

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