Haven: Fallout, Review

The Season Four premiere of Haven is finally here! Now, let's see if they'll tell us what happened at the end of Season Three!

I was fortunate enough to find the novel The Colorado Kid in our local library (I live in the sticks, so I was a little surprised). Haven is based on this short Stephen King book, loosely, but I could see how the story might inspire a series. Haven is supposed to be a safe place for people who have special abilities called “troubles.” It’s not exactly a safe place, though, when some troubled people are forced to go there, and there always seems to be some type of threat/kidnapping/murder/fighting. The troubles were supposed to end for twenty seven years when Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) went into a time-warping barn, but it didn’t work.

So now what?

Well, shady dude Duke (Eric Balfour), who went into the barn with Audrey, gets spit out six months later in a seal tank in Boston. Audrey returns as her new incarnation, bartender Lexie DeWitt. Everyone in Haven thinks Duke is dead, until he escapes the hospital with help from another troubled person, Jennifer Mason (newcomer Emma Lehana). She thought she was crazy for hearing the voices of the people who were in the barn, but…well, she really is kind of crazy even without that little thing factored in. Most importantly, she did hear that Audrey could end the troubles forever by killing her one true love, most likely Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant).

Duke finds Nathan away from Haven, taking money so that biker dudes can punch him in the face. He’s skinny and scruffy looking, and according to Duke, smells really bad, so I am guessing Audrey’s disappearance has been a little hard on him. When he and Duke return to Haven, the Guard arrive, and after a little confrontation, they decide that the primary objective is to keep the town safe.

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Oh, and the town is getting hit by tornado like disturbances created by a troubled woman that are turning sand (and people) into glass. Her husband died, and she was a little upset, so storms started erupting all over, with explosions, etc. Nathan is able to diffuse the situation, and Dwight offers him a position on the police force, which he reluctantly accepts, after making it clear that his only mission is to find Audrey.

Back at the seedy bar, Lexie is approached by a new customer, Will (the handsome Colin Ferguson), who keeps a potentially violent situation under control, but reveals that Lexie is not who she thinks she is. And if she doesn’t figure things out, a lot of people are going to die. No pressure or anything. And final shocker of the night? The Grey Gull, Duke’s bar, is still open, but is being run by his estranged half brother Wade (Christian Carmago from Dexter).

This is going to be interesting.

Final review: After a thoroughly confusing and frustrating finale, the premiere is more than enough to draw me in and hold my attention for another season. One of the funniest moments was Duke letting Nathan take one extra punch before stepping in, telling Jennifer that their relationship is “complicated.” Oh, and Jordan (Kate Kelton) survived being shot by Duke last season, and is even more of a bitch than ever. Some things never change.

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4 out of 5