Hannibal: Futamono Review

NBC continues to leave us salivating for more of Hannibal and Graham.

Sexy time! Sexy time! Hannibal sexy time!

Every night since the first episode aired last year, before going to bed I get down on my knees and pray to Brian Fuller for Hannibal sexy time. Finally, he decided to shine his benevolent creative light (which has full access to Mikkelsen’s naked body) on this viewer.

Spoiler alert!

Dr. Bloom finally realized that she should not be wasting her kisses on the diminutive (and frequently sweaty) Will Graham when she could have some sweet, sweet Hannibal loving. Sure, we were all hoping for a Hannibal and Dr. Du Maurier sex scene, but this viewer would not throw Bloom out of bed either.

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Unfortunately I cannot just wax poetic about Hannibal sexy time in this review. There was a lot more going on here than Mikkelsen’s chest. Although I am pretty sure futamono is Japanese for wish fulfillment (kidding; futamono refers to a lidded dish, perhaps a soup or a succulent roast prepared under clay).

This episode found Hannibal dealing with his near death experience from last week by first going on a killing spree and second throwing a dinner party. In typical Hannibal style, he goes all out. Yet, neither the beautifully prepared food (heart skewers, tartare, steak and kidney pie, and whatever the hell Dr. Chilton had on his plate) nor stringing a dude up in a blossoming cherry tree (his guts pulled out and replaced by a colorful bouquet) could take away from the major trauma Hannibal sustained; the loss of his bromance.

For Graham, the bromance had long since withered and died. However, once Katz was killed, he was no longer content to play a long game. He just started gunning for Hannibal without reservation. Now, it looks like he has finally gotten the good doctor’s full attention.

For his part, Hannibal has started to realize that Graham is not a benign entity. He is a worthy opponent and, despite his ordeal, Hannibal welcomes the challenge. As the Chesapeake Ripper, his latest killing is an over the top tableau laid out for the FBI. The victim is strung up in the cherry tree with a series of fishing lures that are identical to the ones which ultimately landed Graham in custody. These lures, full of helpful human tidbits, will ultimately exonerate Graham and will set him free. What happens next will be anyone’s guess.

This viewer is hoping for more shirtless sexy time, but I am probably being too optimistic.

Meanwhile, the slimy Dr. Chilton has become convinced that both Graham and his neighboring cell mate, Gideon, are both correct in naming Hannibal as the Ripper. He takes his suspicions to Crawford, who is finally willing to entertain the idea. One that he can no longer deny when the forensic team uncovers those fishing lures. Crawford finally starts to develop an idea of the larger game being played, right beneath his nose. The fishing lures do not lead him to Hannibal’s door but to the discovery that one of the earlier victims attributed to the Ripper is actually still alive and has been squirreled away in a cistern this entire time.

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As for Hannibal, when he isn’t trading thinly veiled threats with Graham, knocking boots with Bloom, or throwing lavish parties, he takes the time to catch up with Gideon. Poor Eddie Izzard; it looks like his run on the show is about over. After receiving a brutal beat down from asylum staff (retribution for his earlier murder of their coworkers) Hannibal takes him home for one helluva last supper. He serves Gideon his own thigh, roasted in clay. And this viewer has to admit, it looked delicious. Can we really fault Gideon for taking a bite? After all, you only live once …


Body parts eaten this episode: All of them? Thing, heart, kidney …

How do I cook that?Pork loin roasted in a clay cooker: http://www.romertopfdirect.com/Romertopf-Recipes/pork-recipes/pork-loin

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4 out of 5