Grimm’s top Wesen: Fuchsbau

They might look cute and cuddly, but these fox-like Wesen can't always be trusted...

Warning: contains spoilers for Grimm season three.

“Count your fingers after you shake hands with a Fuchsbau.” (Monroe)

Fuchsbau (FOOKS-BAU; Germ. “fox hole” or “burrow”) is a fox-like Wesen known for their sly and cunning nature.


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When they woge, Fuchsbau grow soft fur on their faces, as well as white, black and orange patches all over their body. Their facial features remain similar, although they become slightly more pointed. They also gain sharp canine teeth, fox-like ears, fox-like eyes and a black fox-like nose.

They don’t possess huge physical strength like other canine Wesen such as Schakal and Blutbaden – however their jaw muscles are capable of tearing chunks from their victims (as seen in Island of Dreams). They are also known to have an excellent sense of smell, comparable to a Blutbad’s, (for example when Blutbad Monroe and Fuchsbau Rosalee Calvert sniff out Nick’s mother in Bad Teeth.)


Generally considered untrustworthy by the Wesen community, Fuchsbau may deal with shady transactions – as seen in Organ Grinder where Fuchsbau Freddy Calvert traded in human organs from his Exotic Spice & Tea Shop.

Despite this, Fuchsbau are loyal and friendly to those whom they consider friends, as we’ve seen with series regular Rosalee Calvert. Fuchsbau will also fight for causes they believe in – as seen by the high number of them who fight in the Resistance against the Verrat, including Ian Harmon (Cat and Mouse) and Rosalee’s parents and grandparents. Rosalee is also unquestionably loyal to Grimm, Nick, and her partner Monroe.

Our favourite Fuchsbau: Rosalee Calvert

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We first encounter Rosalee when Nick investigated the murder of her brother, Freddy, in a Wesen raid on his Spice Shop. She has since gone on to form close friendships with Nick and his girlfriend Juliette, and perhaps more importantly, one half of the fox-wolf combo Monrosalee.

Despite a troubled past, Rosalee has cleaned up her act and is now Nick’s go-to girl for advice on spells and potions, taking over apothecary duties at The Spice Shop after Freddy’s death.

Rosalee goes against type in many ways; loyal to her friends and Monroe, she is honest and kind and doesn’t appear to be duplicitous or sly in any way. In fact, it really is difficult to imagine she was ever a bad girl.

As seen in

We first meet Rosalee in Island of Dreams (season 1, episode 15), but she’s since become a valued member of Grimm’s own Scooby Gang.

Her best episodes have been ones that feature her blossoming romance with Monroe. From their first date – ruined somewhat by a plague-infected Wesen (Quill) – to their living together (One Night Stand), to Monroe’s romantic marriage proposal… and the ensuing problems his old school Blutbad parents have when they find out about the union (The Wild Hunt). They provide a warm and gently humorous reprieve to Grimm’s hideous monsters.

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With Rosalee having just reunited with her own family after a long period away, the next big challenge for the couple lies in overcoming the opposition from her future in-laws against the marriage, and giving Grimm fans the wedding they’ve been waiting for.

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