Grimm Season 6 Episode 7 Review: Blind Love

Revenge ruled the day and night in the seventh chapter of the Grimm final season.

This Grimm review contains spoilers.

Grimm Season 6 Episode 7

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” – Helena, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Shakespeare

Vengeance tends to be one-sided, kept alive by the person who might have been wronged. Rage plays out in the imagination, rendering the avenging planner blind to the consequences of their actions.

“Blind Love” featured a long-forgotten prisoner’s son fueled by family honor traveling down a dead-end road. A chance encounter at a hotel with Nick and the team was sufficient to set his scheme in motion.

Retaliation is rarely bedfellows with forgiveness. The recipient of bad timing, misfortune, or a slight, holds a grudge and plots retribution in the wings. Meanwhile, the perpetrator goes about their life unabated under the bright lights on center stage.

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The mountaintop hotel was a good setting for a diabolical love potion gone awry. A game of musical partners upped the temporary tension because of the romantic history between Eve, Nick, and Adeline. The episode felt like an ode to St. Valentine’s Day, however there’d be no credible reason for everyone to join Monroe and Rosalee. Shift the focus to a birthday getaway weekend among friends, and bachelors Hank and Wu don’t feel left out with the two couples.

Back in Portland, Lieutenant Grossante set out to teach Captain Renard a lesson by abducting Diana. Little did he know he’d be the one taught not to make unrealistic demands. Soon after he absconded away to a secret hideout, he realized he was in over his head. Diana was unimpressed with his wogued state, flung him back and forth like a wet ragdoll, and intermittently tortured.

Grossante’s being unaware of the scope of Diana’s abilities served a story purpose of the audience having information a character didn’t. There wasn’t a doubt that she wouldn’t kill him because Renard was safe at home. Her blind love for her father gets the best of her when he’s in physical danger.

I understand the writers’ intention of love as a device, however they didn’t push it far enough. There were no surprises in this episode. Everyone played their role. True, unexpressed and repressed feelings resurfaced due to the love potion, but while under its spell, Team Grimm behaved like high school students at their first coed dance. The effects of the elixir was primarily contained among the birthday revelers, save for a hotel waitress.

There was implied danger on the edge of a cliff with Wu, Holly and Rosalee, but viewers knew no harm would befall them. Randy’s fate was telegraphed early in the episode. The only way to break the spell was the death of the creature responsible for enchanting his victims.

After hearts and loyalties were reset, we’re back at Monroe’s birthday celebration with yet another offer of free champagne. No surprise, no one accepted. Back in town, Diana is reunited with her father after what she thought was a playdate with her momentary kidnapper.

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We move forward to next week’s episode with Sean having murky information about Diana’s drawings and unknown to him tunnel where the symbols reside. Is the stage being set for a race to the finish line between Team Grimm and Black Claw?


3 out of 5