Grimm season 6 episode 3 review: Captain, My Captain

Grimm season 6 comes up with a fun solution to the corner Nick was painted into. Here's our review of Captain, My Captain...

This review contains spoilers.

 6.3 Captain, My Captain

Who doesn’t love a bit of body swap fun and games? Presumably that’s what the writers were thinking when they penned Captain, My Captain, where they neatly find a way to get Nick out of the corner they have painted him into.

Things weren’t looking good for Nick and the gang last week, with Nick still on the run and Renard out for blood. However, Nick and Eve (is it still Eve, or are we back to Juliette now?) devise a plan to turn the tables on the Captain.

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They decide that Nick should replicate Renard’s body using the magic witch’s hat, which first made its appearance in season 3. It was the hat that enabled Adalind to become Juliette to bed Nick, and for Eve to become Renard – who incidentally ended up bedding Rachel. Although Nick didn’t use his new body to get any action (missed opportunity), it was still a winner of a plan, as he successfully abdicated Renard from the mayoral position and spun a line that saw Nick not only absolved of any crime, but commended for his role leading in an undercover investigation into the attack on the North Precinct! He also made sure Hank and Wu were reinstated.

The body swap itself was handled expertly, with Sasha Roiz able to step out of his uptight character for a while and have some fun, as he tried to emulate Nick, trying to become Renard. It also cleverly saw Roiz pulling double duties as David Guintoli this week stepped behind the camera in his directorial debut.

It was also great to see Adalind step up again and show offer her comedic talents as she desperately tried to distract Renard and help Nick out his plan in place.

There was the inevitable throw down between Nick and Renard when the captain realised he’d been cloned, although it was a little tricky working out who was who in the fight. When Renard realises there’s no besting himself, essentially, a compromise is worked out. This is one thing that feels a little off; things are all tied up a little too neatly, given the weeks of peril and double-crosses. It just seems unlikely that Renard would acquiesce to Nick’s demands so easily.

“You think we can go back to the way it was?” Renard asks, incredulously. “No, but we’ll figure it out,” answers Nick. Yeah, good luck with that one, guys.

However, things might not be coming up roses for either man in future episodes. Nick would be wise to sleep with one eye open given if the way Diana stared at him while he hugged her mother. The last person that tried to come between her parents ended up strangled in her own sheets.

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Diana’s powers may far outweigh anything the gang has ever seen before – and she is likely vital to their search for answers regarding the Stick of Destiny – but they will have to get her onside first, which may prove tricky.

There was also a surprise twist to the end of the episode with the return of a character we all thought had fallen victim last season! Just when Renard thought he had everything sorted, their return has the potential to be very bad news for the Captain… 

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