Grimm Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Trust Me Knot

Grimm is doing fine so far this season, but there are questions about whether or not it can wrap things up in time.

This Grimm review contains spoilers.

Grimm Season 6 Episode 2

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” – Andre Malraux

Tonight’s episode is entitled “Trust Me Knot”, however viewers aren’t asked to take sides because we’re familiar with the main players over the last six seasons. We know who’d we want and trust if cornered in a dark alley. We know what’s at stake in this supernatural game of truth or dare.

There’s not a strong connection between the opening quote and what happened over the course of the hour. There’s no hidden agenda among the characters. Nick and Team Grimm are on the battlefield against Renard and his cohorts. There’s no Jekyll and Hyde to contend with. We’re not surprised by Renard’s double-cross, it keeps him out of jail. He can’t be much of a villain with a smuggled phone inside his precinct’s holding cell.

The only ‘secret’ others aren’t privy to, and he himself doesn’t know to what extent, is the growing reliance Nick has on the tanned totem. Eve’s warned against keeping it on him at all times, and Bud, in his annoyingly hysterical way, has seen a fraction of the trance. Unless and until Nick’s squatting naked, drooling, and scratching at the floor while intoning “my precious”, he’ll be fine.

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Nick has become stronger as a husband and father, while Adeline’s maternal instincts have softened her evil and vindictive hexanbiest inclinations. Their relationship isn’t true love, but they’ve made the best of a bad situation resulting in Kelly. The knot that binds them is their mutual hatred of Renard. Each must remember who and what’s important if they’re to outwit and defeat their enemies.

Eve’s getting closer to her truth after having survived a near-death experience at the end of season five. I’m curious about her upcoming story arc. What temporary or permanent glitches has she endured in exchange for her life? It’s no longer a secret she’s not the most powerful witch in Portland. What will her sacrifice cost her and the others?

Who or what’s causing Renard’s flashbacks? Will Rosalee’s pregnancy impact her ability to help counterattack? Will Diana see her father’s bloodlust and power grab, and if so, will she join her mother and Nick? She’s volatile, and up to this point, an uncontrollable weapon. Will she be torn between being daddy’s little girl and her fondness for half-brother?

The cloth might be deciphered soon, but will it shed light on the magic stick? I found it odd that fading hexanbiest Eve, not Adeline, could detect a few symbols. Did Juliette take that part of her during the transformation spell?

Black Claw and HW both have to regroup for an upcoming multi-episodic battle. I don’t know if a return trip to the Black Forest would be necessary given Rosalee’s research skills.

Will enough, if not all, storylines be resolved leading up to the penultimate episode? The pimply, impatient teen in all of us would love for the writers to have written season six as if the series will return in the fall. The finale must leave viewers wanting more even though we know it won’t happen. The ending must seem plausible for those who remain alive. The show needn’t end happily ever after, which would go against the darkness of the original Brothers Grimm fables.

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3.5 out of 5