Grimm season 6 episode 12 review: Zerstorer Shrugged

Grimm's penultimate ever episode sets the stage for an emotional finale...

This review contains spoilers.

6.12 Zerstorer Shrugged

Here we are – the penultimate episode of Grimm, setting us up for the big showdown with Nick throwing down with an ancient demon in a bid to prevent the end of days.

The writers threw a lot at us, including a returning favourite, the death of others (maybe), a showdown with the Zerstorer, and a potential explanation as to the Stick of Destiny’s powers.

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First things first – Diana pulled Nick and Eve back through the portal without realising the Zerstorer planned to hitch a lift back to Portland too. It appears that his plan was to target Eve, knowing Nick would follow, and eventually lead them to potential child-bride Diana. Which of course seems a little convoluted. However, it turns out that the demon has a secondary mission – to grab a hold of Nick’s stick.

Much like all the supposition regarding the mysterious symbols and the ‘other place’ through the portal, there are lot of theories thrown out there as to the origins of the stick. In one short study lesson, we’re treated to talk of fallen angels, ancient prophecies and numerous biblical references – it feels like they’re throwing a lot of stuff out there and seeing what will stick (no pun intended.) The stick could have once belonged to Moses, David (of Goliath fame) or any handful of other Old Testament superstars, apparently. The important thing is, we’re told, is that if the Zerstorer gets his leathery hands on it, very bad things will happen.

“This is just one big existentialist migraine,” comments Wu, at one stage. Yep.

Elsewhere, Eve lost her Hexenbiest powers coming back through the portal – essentially losing her identity (and the thing that made her interesting) as soon as she had embraced it. “None of us are who we were,” she tells us again.

Good news through – Trubel is back. She has returned to Portland with no explanation and an airy dismissal of Black Claw. Yes, the nefarious Wesen cult that threatened to take down the human race is all gone, with every cell destroyed. The main story arc of season five despatched with a sentence, which is a bit of a disappointment, but you suspect the writers are really trying to wrap things up before the finale.

We just need the ghost of Meisner to turn up for the final fight and the squad will be back to full strength.

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There is also a fitting sense of going full circle in this episode too. So close to the end, Adalind, Nick and Renard return to the woodsman’s cottage featured in the first ever episode, which they hope will be a safe hiding place for Diana. “Go back to the beginning,” advised The Princess Bride’s Vizini, and so they have.

Also, the forest has played such an integral part of the entire show, almost like a supporting character, it is an entirely appropriate setting for any final confrontation.

Everything comes together at the end with a violent clash that sees the Zerstorer kill Wu and Hank. This of course would be devastating news for any fans of the duo (avoiding a portmanteau of their names, obviously) if it were not for the existence of the stick that can bring folks back to life. This is where I’m placing my bet, and I shall be cross if it this is the end for them; I know there are fan out there who are rooting for their own spin-off.

Get the trendy Portland doughnuts, craft beer and tissues ready, the finale’s going to be emotional!

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