Grimm season 5 episode 10 review: Map Of The Seven Knights

The Grimm gang are off on a European road trip in search of those pesky season one keys...

This review contains spoilers.

5.10 Map Of The Seven Knights

Road trip!

Yes it looks like the Grimm gang is finally off on a European adventure after they discover a series of mysterious links back to the old country.

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Well, the links are actually the long-forgotten keys from season one, now that the writers seem to have remembered they exist. They were part of an important thread at the time, so we should be grateful that the story is being picked up again, even if it’s all still quite fuzzy at the moment. Essentially, they’re a set of keys that produce a map to a place where something – no-one knows what – is buried. But let’s assume whatever it is, is really important.

What is also very important – to both Nick and Black Claw – is the discovery of a series of ancient Grimm diaries in Europe. The tomes provide a family tree of every Grimm in existence, something that would prove invaluable to an organisation dedicated to eradicating them. 

Which is why a couple of Anubis are on the hunt for the books, and are willing to kill anyone who stands in their way. This ends in tragedy for Monroe, and you’d have a cold heart not to be affected by his tears of grief. It also leads to tremendous rage and we’re reminded that our favourite vegan is still a wolf underneath those patterned sweaters. Which is unlucky for the Anubis.

On the downside, it feels like the last few episodes have featured lots of exposition – characters continually explaining situations to one other as it they develop. This is mostly along the lines of “Such and such just happened. Can you come over?” Usually about eight times an episode. Just a small gripe.

Other points of interest include Monroe facing Eve for the first time, and even throwing a little shade her way for disassociating herself from the fire Juliet started which destroyed Aunt Marie’s Airstream of Grimmness.

Eve is incapable of reconciling her new persona with her past life as Juliette – they are two different people to her. Which will be a relief for Adalind, as Eve promises Truble that she doesn’t harbour any ill will against the former Hexenbiest – so she’s unlikely to seek revenge on her for setting off the chain of events that resulted in Juliette’s demise. This is a good thing as we have yet to see Adalind leave the ‘fome’ (“fortress-home” apparently), where she seems to hang out in comfy knitwear and occasionally host Nick’s friends. God, don’t you miss the old Adalind? She’s being criminally under-used at the moment.

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Monroe sums up the messiness of the Nick / Adalind / Juliette love triangle quite succinctly. In a heart-to-heart with Nick he comments: “Dude, it’s so weird you slept with both of them when they were each other.” Quite.

Elsewhere, we see a flash of the old mercenary Renard, who’s willing to go to any lengths to get what he wants. Unfortunately all he wants at the moment is to get some guy elected, about whom we know very little and care even less.

It was interesting, however, to see Truble’s loyalty being torn between Nick and Hadrian’s Wall (or HR as they are thankfully referring to themselves now.) She wants to help Nick but Meisner stops her, claiming it isn’t their fight. This could develop into a dilemma for Truble, as she’s forced to choose between the man who essentially saved her life, and her new family.

But for now, it’s time to load up the camper van, pack the lederhosen, and set off for the Black Forest in search of something that’s buried somewhere. Hooray!

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