Grimm Season 4 Premiere Review

The strange, intriguing world of NBC's Grimm returns for a fourth season. Here's our review of the season premiere...

Grimm is a show that intrigued me from the beginning, but ours was originally a love-dislike relationship. As each season progressed, and the show remained on-air, I revisited my initial curiosity and attraction. One must suspend disbelief to fully enjoy the show as with most stories about the occult, witchcraft and creatures that children fear are lurking underneath their bed or in their closet. 

The show satisfies the unlikely hero in me, and I’d guess, in many men out there who don’t lift two hundred and fifty pounds three times a week at the gym. This same group doesn’t resemble Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Wesley Snipes. Raise your hand if you’re of slight build and didn’t always get the girl in high school or college.

The magical realism-meets-horror combination hasn’t always been balanced. I think that had more to do with comparing Grimm to other shows, movies and my familiarity with the classic Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales. No, there was no Matt Damon or Heath Ledger on hand as the rugged champion. 

Grimm comes with its own vocabulary, unique characters, and universe. The misty, woodsy environs of Portland, Oregon, is an ideal setting. I don’t think the show would have worked if it were set in New York City or Los Angeles. The world of Grimm is the stuff of childhood fantasies of saving the day with an assortment of weapons and tools. Most often, successful supernatural stories straddle the real word while attempting to integrate. However, there are instances when the two worlds collide and threaten to absorb or destroy each other.

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The contrast of idyllic and horrific fuels fears of what and or who might haunt our sleeping and waking dreams. People aren’t who they seem, and as a result, we’re subject to doubt our sanity.

Season four, episode one, resumes with the fallout of Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding. The aptly-titled, “Thanks for the Memories,” serves a dual purpose. The memory-stealing octopus Wesen in tonight’s chapter supports the title in how he uses his unique gift. When we dig beneath the surface, the title represents how and what Nick feels having temporarily lost his family gift of seeing Wesen. Truble is the stand-in creature detector as Nick experiences life as the human sidekick, a feeling all too familiar to Hank. Team Grimm might have to prepare themselves for dramatic changes in upcoming chapters. We will have to wait and see what happens and who comes to town to recalibrate the scales in their favor.

Tonight’s episode, captioned “Knowledge is Power,” most likely had Sergeant Wu in mind. Everyone is scrambling around town trying to reassemble the woven tapestry of secrets and subterfuge that’s been torn apart. One issue I had is the open access to the family journals that weren’t taken into evidence. I understand why not. If that had happened, it would have changed the outcome of future storylines. Sergeant Wu, in his fragile mental state, is the best person to have found and replaced the journals. He probably doesn’t want to believe that bogeymen exist in his world.

We’re introduced to FBI Special Agent Chavez, a possible recurring character, who is also Wesen. Will she become an ally for Team Grimm? 

I’m not a fan of the royals back in Austria, but know they’re a necessary evil for Captain Renard and Nick’s European origins. However, I’m a fan of the villain-of-the-week format that oftentimes parallels one or more of the core characters. 

Will Rosalee recreate the concoction that will restore Nick’s powers? Who is the new leggy blonde observing what appears to be Renard’s death? Is she an ally or possible foe?

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When people wogue in broad daylight with others around, why is it no one seems to notice? Are they too busy, preoccupied or unconcerned? They can’t see the facial transformation, but I’d think they’d notice the reaction of the person interacting with the creature.

I’m locked and loaded for the season, and hope you will be too.

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3 out of 5