Grimm season 4 episode 5 review: Cry Luison

Grimm regains some humour and momentum in this week's episode, Cry Luison. Here's Christine's review...

This review contains spoilers.

4.5 Cry Luison

Last week Bree Turner (who plays Rosalee) tweeted that this week’s episode, Cry Luison, “begins the bullet train of momentum to our mid season finale.”

While that bullet train has yet to reach high-speed, we did see a return of a little of the humour that’s been missing from the series so far this season, and yes, even some plot development.

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We pick up where last week’s episode left off, with Monroe and Rosalee arriving at Nick and Juliette’s with Elizabeth, who has figured out how Nick “can get his Grimm back.” There’s only one problem: In order to completely reverse the spell, Juliette must take the potion and then sleep with Nick… as Adalind!

That’s a pretty big ask of any girlfriend, let alone one who wants her man permanently de-Grimmed.

Monroe and Rosalee – and even Elizabeth – offer the couple some pretty funny words of advice about the task in hand: Monroe advises them “It’s not so much about the romance” while Elizabeth suggests “a very dark room.”

Rosalee proposes they think of Juliette merely dressed in costume, to which Nick responds: “A costume of the woman who tried to kill me?” Yeah, a bit of a mood killer, granted.

The decision is not black and white however, as Elizabeth tells them the side effects Nick has experienced (just once so far) may get worse if he doesn’t change back.

Also, a conversation overheard between Bud and Trubel makes Juliette consider her options as she discovers how little Nick is currently unable to protect himself from attack in his human form.

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Our favourite beaver Bud turns to Trubel (with Nick powerless) to face up to a Klaustreich called Shaw who has threatened Nick’s life after word leaks he’s no longer a danger to Wesen. After the ass-kicking Trubel administered (including a killer headbutt) it’s unlikely he’ll follow up on his threats.

Elsewhere the ‘key’ storyline crops again, with Josh Porter – last seen in The Inheritance – making a reappearance. If you remember, Josh was the old Grimm Rolek’s son, and now he’s being hunted by the Verrat who are after the key. Without wanting to sound cynical, I hope this goes somewhere this time; the mysterious key plot is an interesting strand, but only referring back to it once or twice a season makes you think the writers are just letting us know they haven’t forgotten about it – but they just haven’t figured out where it leads to yet.

This week’s Wesen criminal is canine. Our victim, Ava, is experiencing supposed hallucinations of a wolf pursuing her. Mr big bad wolf turns out to be not a Blutbad, but a Luison, originating from South America, and Monroe makes a welcome return in assisting Nick and Hank with the detective work.

Speaking of hallucinations, Adalind is going through some dark version of Alice In Wonderland – even down to a baby turning into a pig – after eating something she shouldn’t. While you can sympathise with her as she is consumed by the loss of baby Diana, the whole ‘running around a castle while tripping your face off’ is getting a little frustrating – particularly as she eventually ends up back in her cell with Viktor again calling the shots. This could well lead to the pair teaming up in a bid to get Diana back.

Elizabeth has also made it clear she is going to hunt for her grandchild. This could lead to the greatest ever battle ever seen on Grimm, as she goes head to head with Kelly Burkhardt. Writers, please make this happen – you could run pay-per-view for that fight!

Renard (who has a new house and new hair style) tells Nick he knows Trubel is a Grimm, but he owes her for dealing with Seward. In some straight talking, He tells Nick to make up his mind one way or the other about being a Grimm, and that he needs to sort out the situation with Wu in order to get him off Trubel’s back.

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For his part, Wu is now openly sceptical of Nick, and is certain he’s been lying to him. After hearing Ava’s tales of the wolf, he pointedly tells Nick he’s “ready to believe anything at this point”.

Finally, Nick confesses to Monroe that he misses being a Grimm, and he “wants it back”. This coincides with another attack on Monrosalee’s house by those angry at their marriage, which convinces Juliette that Nick must re-Grimm, in order to protect him, and their friends, from harm.

Grimm’s writers have hinted that this week and next week’s episodes “have decisions that can’t be taken back and consequences that can’t be foreseen”. Let’s hope that bullet train of momentum powers through the rest of the season.

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