Grimm season 4 episode 15 review: Double Date

Grimm's witches are causing trouble and spilling blood in this week's episode...

This review contains spoilers.

4.15 Double Date

“I can’t have another baby; I don’t even know where my first one is!”

This was Adalind’s hilarious – yet accurate – response to the news to finding herself pregnant again, and was the unquestionably the line of the show.

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“I need to find you another father,” she wails to her unborn child. “I need to sleep with someone, fast…Viktor!”

The few lines of dialogue just sum up Adalind perfectly – self-absorbed and an utter princess, but undeniably a survivor. Her first instinct was to protect herself, and she has no problem stitching anyone up to do it.

However there’s a fly in that particular ointment – Viktor’s out, shipped back to Austria by the King for reasons unknown, leaving a man-sized hole in her plans to fit up the royal. (Alexis Denisof doesn’t even appear in the episode, meaning it’s likely he’s busy elsewhere, perhaps on his other series, Finding Carter.)

Despite only being billed as a guest star, Denisof’s departure does seem sudden – aside from offering a few pithy one-liners and a villainous laugh, he really hasn’t posed too much of a threat to Nick and the rest of the gang this season. Nevertheless, we’re promised a new royal replacement, and the writers have a chance to go to town with someone that poses a more immediate threat to our heroes.

It would be a good time to strike, with half of Portland’s finest in looking a little vulnerable.

Juliette has walked out on Nick, and is not answering his calls, leaving him distracted and on edge. For her part, Juliette is demanding that Renard helps her figure out her new identity as a Hexenbiest, including giving her a place to stay – with no thought for the awkward position she’s putting the Captain in as her boyfriend’s boss. Juliette definitely seems to have adopted a bit of an attitude since finding her new powers – perhaps its part of a witch’s DNA, and we should perhaps give Adalind a break? No, okay then.

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Renard has enough to worry about without babysitting a new-born Hexenbiest. He’s suffering nightmares from when Steward gunned him down, once again accompanied by phantom bleeding.

He deduces the symptoms are a side effect from when Elizabeth used her powers to bring him back to life, and as such, and that the only thing that will help him is the ancient spell book Adalind used to take Nick’s powers.

Nothing is simple though, and the book requires the blood of a Hexenbiest to open it. Good thing he’s got a Hexen-houseguest at the moment that can help him out. (It also demonstrates that it’s relatively easy for Renard to persuade a woman to spill their own blood for him.)

The case that Nick, Hank and Wu are working on this week also involves issues of identity, and gently pokes fun at Monroe’s awkward behaviour around attractive women

A couple are purportedly working together to pick up men in bars and fleece them for their money. It turns out to be a bit more complicated in that the man and woman are just one creature – a flatworm-like Wesen called a Huntha Lami Muuaji (meaning “hermaphrodite” and “murderer”).

So who else would you send to a bar as bait but Monroe? Cue awkwardness and a near-panic when engaging with the suspect that’s borne as much out of going back to an attractive woman’s apartment as the fact she’s implicated in a murder.

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It was also Monroe (and “the feminist inside” him) that questioned the method of how to deal with the creature – specifically forcing the female part back inside, leaving only the male, which they can prosecute. It vaguely nods to issues of trans-gender and identity, but like its treatment of previous serious storylines, such as gang-rape, the nature of the show means these things are never delved into too deeply.

So what can we expect next week? From the trailer we discover the new royal in town, and Renard continues to feel the pressure.

Also, now that Viktor’s gone, should we take bets on who Adalind can find to replace him as baby-daddy? Apologies in advance if you get Bud in the draw.

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