Grimm: Marechaussee review

The honeymoon is over on Grimm, and there are big things on the horizon. Read Kendall's review here...

This Grimm review contains spoilers.

“Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.”

Juliette is still searching for answers from the mysterious Henrietta, a seeming grand dame among Hexanbiests. I’m curious as to why she alone has sustained adverse side effects from the restorative ritual. Nick, if not overly aggressive, seems normal and moving on with his life.

Viewers were under the impression last week that Renard was in trouble at episode’s end. There are now no outward signs his physical or emotional condition is deteriorating after the magical serpent resurrection. Perhaps the writers will revisit the bleeding man in the mirror in a future episode. At present, Victor and Adalind are back in Portland searching for baby Diana, safely hidden away with Nick’s mother, Kelly.

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The Wesen council dispatched a murderous bounty hunter to clean up the streets and dark alleys of Wesen criminals who have disobeyed their laws and customs.

I find myself continuously questioning, rather than being in awe or surprised, by the writing and story building blocks on Grimm. Several years later, I ask myself how much of the show has had Nick and his crew at the center, rather than their reacting to some outside force?

I want to see Nick in the middle of each episode, but that’s either not going to happen because the writers are running out of ideas, or they’re trying to divide and share the weekly spotlight with the other characters in a true ensemble format. Being the lead actor or actress on a television show is a double-edged sword. I wish the actor portraying Nick were better equipped for the duality of being in the spotlight, and that of a generous supporting cast member able to blend into the woodwork as others deal with and overcome their challenges.

Back to tonight’s chapter. Monroe and Rosalee have returned from their honeymoon and figuratively handcuffed by the Wesen council not to interfere or help Team Grimm combat the mercenary.

A possible intriguing subplot is Juliette as a secret Hexanbiest, a sworn enemy of Grimms near and far. It’d be a different version of the movie, Sleeping with the Enemy, without the domestic abuse. We discovered along with Juliette that her transformation is irreversible, and that she’s supremely powerful. I’ve little to no issues with this progression, but to what end? Why must Juliette have super powers whereas Hank and Sergeant Wu are mortal, and still able to contribute to the team?

Juliette as a Hexanbiest brings her character to the forefront for a few episodes. I expect there will be an eventual “big reveal” to everyone around her, during which they’ll react accordingly given their histories with Adalind and her mother before.

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The bounty hunter was outmatched by Juliette, and Nick didn’t question it at all. How did it come to pass that the much larger and stronger scorpion was felled by the dainty veterinarian new to her powers as a witch? To preserve the “big reveal”, the question remained unasked.

Next week’s preview with the hashtag “biestfight” shows a brawl between Adalind and Juliette, undoubtedly for February Sweeps ratings. Speculation and expectations aside, we’ll have to wait to see if and how the writers tie up loose ends. Once the secret is revealed, how will the others respond and treat her thereafter? Stay tuned!


3 out of 5