Grimm: Dyin’ on a Prayer Review

Heroes come in all shapes and forms when they're Dyin' on a Prayer. Here is our review of Grimm.

“Oh, remember that you fashioned me from clay! Will you then bring me down to dust?”

Faith, spirituality and hope mean different things to different people and species. Sarah, the wife in tonight’s “Dyin’ on a Prayer” episode, has lost faith that her abusive ex-husband will ever stop beating her and her son. Her rabbi brother, Ben, falls on the opposite side of the tangent. His religious and spiritual convictions are rooted in Hebrew text. He looks beyond the physical world for a viable solution to his sister’s problem. He’s unaware of the consequences of his actions, but yet persists all the same. The prayer and ritual brings forth a golem of protection for his nephew and sister.

It’s no coincidence that the boy’s name is David, which hearkens back to the biblical story of David and Goliath. The giant in this instance is his Wesen stepfather, but little David is without a slingshot to fell his giant. David isn’t an unlikely leader or hero in the sense of, “And a child shall lead them.” His strength is fertile imagination of right versus right, and a natural instinct to protect his mother who seems to have accepted her life as a victim of domestic abuse. 

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and forms. A mild-mannered rabbi with the patience of Job can do great things when his back is against the wall.

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Trubel’s loyalty to Nick is under the microscope, and the family bond is reinforced when she updates him on her kidnapping, Agent Chavez’s murky plans for her,  and an alleged secret society of crime fighters. Trubel will have to learn to fight more than Wesen in her budding superhero world.

I like how eerie music and tight close-ups are characters on Grimm. The monsters and voices that haunt usually begin in the dark recesses of the mind. Children are intuitive and can see things adults can’t or are unwilling. David was able to see his stepfather’s inner beast, whereas his mother thought she was losing her mind.     

Adalind’s faith and sanity are tested as she tries to escape the Viennese castle through a series of winding stairs. She has to ignore the protruding talking faces along the stairwell that want to keep her hostage by keying into her fears of never seeing her daughter again. She has to endure hallucinations, voices and a near-drowning. Will the love and bond she feels for child be enough to get her through to the outside and back to Portland?

Back in Portland at Rosalee’s spice shop, Elizabeth has all but completed the reversal portion to restore Nick’s powers, but still needs an important ingredient. Will Juliette provide the remaining component that will help Nick? How strong is Nick’s desire to return to his former life? How long will it be before the bad guys discover that Nick’s no longer a Grimm?

Tune in next week for the answers to these questions!

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3 out of 5