Grimm: Chupacabra Review

It wouldn't be Grimm if something didn't go bump in the night. Here is our review.

“Cuide su rebaño, nunca deje su lado. Cuide su sangre, el Chupacabra tiene hambre.”

Tonight’s episode began in the Dominican Republican, famous for its tropical beaches, bachata and mosquitoes, with two well-meaning doctors without borders. Diego, bitten by mosquito, leaving a mark that no one seems to notice and comment upon, returns to the loving embrace of his wife in Portland.

Continuing along a previous path, Rosalee and Monroe are inching close to leaving on their much-delayed honeymoon should nothing or no one prevent them from boarding a plane to their destination.

It wouldn’t be Grimm if someone or something didn’t go bump in the night while most others are oblivious in their own world. I imagine it would be difficult for creepy creatures and bogeymen to do their worst in well-light, highly-trafficked neighborhoods. The oftentimes dark and quiet streets of Portland neighborhoods provide a rich playground for supernatural and human bad behavior and murder.

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Back in Austria, Victor and Adalind form a temporary truce ahead of returning to Portland to find Nick’s mother, guardian of the hybrid magical baby.

Who wakes up covered in blood and barefoot, and doesn’t freak out? A character on Grimm, that’s who. Diego’s wife escorts her barefoot husband inside their home while the previous night’s unsolved double homicide is investigated. Still no word on the NOW larger mosquito bite. I would think that she would ask if his overnight disappearance had anything to do with his being Wesen. No such luck. The writers would have viewers continue avoiding the elephant in the room for fear of shortening the episode.

We still don’t know what’s happening with Juliette, however we do know that she isn’t pregnant. What is at the root of her nausea and headaches if not morning sickness?

The Wesen Council bullies refuse to allow Rosalee and Monroe to live in peace, and sent yet another warning of their antiquated disapproval. Monroe to the rescue when his beloved’s life is threatened.

Sergeant Wu has about had enough of the smoke and mirrors within the Portland Police Department, namely with Nick, Hank and Captain Renard. He confronted Renard with photographic evidence of what would otherwise qualify as Twilight Zone cases that were marked solved and closed. Wu gave Nick and Hank an ultimatum on the people and creatures that have almost sent him hurtling over the cliff of his sanity.

I like how Juliette has become more involved in investigating and helping Team Grimm with cases.

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El Chupacabra returned safely near his home base, his bloodlust still unsatisfied, and is thwarted by Latino neighbors. Perhaps it was easier to play on Latino cultural stereotypes and folklore because they are seen as more accepting of the inexplicable.

The impending battle between The Resistance, Victor/Adalind, Elizabeth and Kelly, Nick’s mother, is heating up for after the winter break.

We’re getting closer to uncovering what has been troubling Juliette, and she’s left to fend for herself at home alone while the others attempt to cure Diego’s condition at the spice shop. Sound the alarm! The feverish disease has been transmitted to the wife and she’s out for blood. True love prevailed, and Diego sacrificed himself to save his wife with the one available remedy.

When it looks as if the honeymoon will finally happen, the Wesen Council infiltrated the Portland Police Department and kidnapped Monroe to stand trial in the next episode according to the preview.

I didn’t expect Juliette would become a Hexanbiest, but that’s exactly what has happened. Damn those pesky witchcraft side effects!

Tune in next week to see how all roads converge, and if most questions will be answered before Christmas.

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3 out of 5