Glee season 1 episode 14 review

Glee returns to our screens, but it's hardly the show's best episode to date...

14. Hell-o

Glee‘s back! After winning at sectionals the Glee gang think power and popularity are theirs for the taking, until a slushie facial puts pay to that and work can begin on getting ready for regionals. It’s a new beginning for the club and they are going to focus on songs with ‘hello’ in them.

Never to go down without a fight, Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester is back at school after slipping Principle Figgins a roofie and taking some incriminating photos, thus blackmailing him into giving her her old job back and plotting to take down the Glee Club once and for all.

After his break-up with Quinn, Finn has started to date Rachel, but is still unable to fully come to terms with everything that has happened. Spotting a chance to put a split in the group, Sue enlists Cheerios and Glee Club spies, Brittney and Santana, to ask Finn on a date, which he readily accepts and promptly dumps Rachel.

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Sue’s plan doesn’t go quite the way she hopes, though, and although Rachel is upset over Finn’s decision, the break-up leads her to meeting the hunky Jesse St. James, who just happens to be the lead singer of arch enemies and main competition, Vocal Adrenalin. When Finn realises, after his dates with Brittney and Santana, Rachel is the one he wants to be with, it is she who turns him down.

This being Glee, though, no romance can be simple and when the rest of the club discover who Rachel’s new boyfriend is they demand she either dump him or quit the club as they are sure he is only out to spy on them. Unaware that it is Jesse’s intention to do just that, she makes a pact with him to keep their relationship secret so she can have the best of both.

Rachael isn’t the only one with relationship issues. After finally kissing Emma at the end of the last episode, Will is slowly starting to get to her properly. Unfortunately, Emma’s germ aversion is still an issue, as is the fact she is still a virgin, and she asks that they take their time with the relationship.

After moving the romance factor a bit higher, Will’s ex-wife Terri throws a spanner in the works by telling Emma that the song they danced to was the same one Will and she danced to at their high school prom.

Realising that Will has been in a relationship his entire adult life, Emma decides the two should put their relationship on hold while they both figure out their problems. This doesn’t mean Will’s life doesn’t have any romantic prospect, though, as on a trip to Vocal Adeline’s school, he meets their Glee Club coach Shelby (the ever wonderful Idina Menzel) and promptly starts to make out with her.

Although not the best episode Glee has ever had to offer (strangely enough I think there was too much music) it does get you straight back into the swing of things and it just a warm up to what could be one of the greatest Glee episodes ever, which focuses solely on the queen of pop herself, Madonna.

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