George Takei in Star Wars

The Star Trek veteran is lending his vocal talents to the Clone Wars...

Jungle celebrity and Star Trek alumni George Takei is lending his wonderfully bass-y tones to the Star Wars animated series, The Clone Wars reports the latest issue of the US listings magazine, TV Guide.

In their sci-fi preview of 2009 we find out that Takei, Sulu in the ‘classic’ Trek series, is voicing Lok Durd – a nasty and power-crazed Neimoidian general. In the two part storyline, starting on Jan 16 in North America, he has created a new weapon that wipes out all living matter but is harmless to the droids of the Separatist army.

He intends to test his war toy out on the planet Maridun – a grassy world that is inhabited by the Lurmens. These little guys (who are apparently lemurs with an Irish brogue) are pacifists and refuse to take sides in the war and won’t shelter the Jedi (Ahsoka and Anakin) who have crash-landed there. Fact fans may want to note that the Lurmens are inspired by characters that Lucas dropped from Revenge Of The Sith.

As for the themes behind the storyline, supervising director Dave Filoni says, “These episodes raise a very interesting question about the Jedi: Can they still be considered keepers of the peace now that they are soldiers in war?”

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Whatever next? William Shatner as a Gungan?