Game of Thrones Spinoff Sequel Possibilities

The Game of Thrones Season 8 finale left us viewers with so many great spinoff sequel possibilities...

Game of Thrones has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean it’s the last we’ve seen of Westeros… or what’s west of it. With HBO and George RR Martin developing no fewer than four potential Game of Thrones spinoffs, we’re desperate to know if any of them could be sequels of sorts to the Game of Thrones story.

We already know that The Long Night spinoff will take place at the end of the Age of Heroes and address the first time Westeros nearly plunged into apocalyptic darkness, but we’re yet to find out the premises or settings of the other three potential spin-offs still in contention.

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With so many of our favorite characters still alive come the end of Game of Thrones Season 8 and with perfectly good spin-off premises, our brains are already speculating about what a potential Game of Thrones sequel spin-off could look like. 

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It is worth noting that GRRM himself took to LiveJournal—to LiveJournal, people!—to mention that none of the spinoffs would include characters from the original story and that they are set in the “secondary universe” of the world beyond Westeros. But we’re still going to speculate.

Following the Game of Thrones series finale, here are the sequel spin-offs we’d most like to see…

Arya: Pirate Adventurer

Arya ends Season 8 basically as a badass pirate in command of her own ship, setting out to find out what’s west of Westeros. (OK, she’s not so much a pirate as a cartographer with combat skills, but, let’s be real, she’s a pirate.) What will she encounter out there? In this world, literally no one knows, but I feel like it should include at least one kraken. Maybe she could run into Drogon—in an episode titled “Here Be Dragons”?

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This potential spin-off doesn’t take much imagination to fall into. What would the dynamics of Arya’s ship look like? Do they follow the rules of the Golden Age of Piracy, which were fiercely radical and often more fair than anything Westeros has going on? Did Gendry come along? Will Arya keep a captain’s log? So many questions to answer. Extra points if she meets up with Doctor Who‘s Me and Clara somewhere along the way.

(Suggestion: They should get The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy author Mackenzi Lee to write this.)

The Free Folk

Kit Harrington may have told BBC News that he is done with the world of Game of Thrones, but we’re not ready to say goodbye to Jon Snow’s character yet. Jon ended the series heading right past the wall to the far north of Westeros with his trusty direwolf Ghost and his wilding BFF Tormund, a host of other wildlings in tow.

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Game of Thrones Season 8: Who Lives and Who Dies

While we got to spend a fair amount of time with the wildlings north of the Wall earlier in Game of Thrones‘ run, their lives were very much informed by the growing power of the Night King and his White Walker army. What would life north of the Wall look like without the Night King? We’d like to find out.

The wilding culture has always been the closest we’ve ever had to a democratic, free society in this world. Now that Westeros has recommitted to its oligarchy, north of the Wall could really represent a bastion of freedom for the people of Westeros and beyond.

Grey Worm Shows You the Beaches of Naath

Grey Worm ends his Game of Thrones story with the intent to head to Naath, the homeland of Missandei, the woman he loved who was executed by Cersei prior to the Battle of King’s Landing. Frankly, Grey Worm deserves some time off following his live of child slavery, his training as a warrior-eunuch slave, and his time serving under Dany.

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While I’d probably be cool with Grey Worm having his own series showcasing the best beaches in Naath, it would also be cool to see what the Unsullied choose to do now that they have no orders, and the struggle to reclaim the sense of identity that has been stripped from them over and over again.

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Twitter also has some great spinoff sequel ideas…

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