Futurama season 6 episode 22 review: Fry Am The Egg Man

It’s week 22 of Futurama, and the episode’s something of a mixed bag. Here’s Cameron’s review of Fry Am The Egg Man...

6.22 Fry Am The Egg Man

Despite the obvious allusion to popular beat combo The Beatles, there’s little (if anything) pertaining to I Am The Walrus in the latest episode of Futurama. Sadly, it doesn’t contain much of the originality contained in the John Lennon tune, either.

That’s not to say Fry Am The Egg Man is bad, just that it’s very much a pedestrian episode with some laughs but little to remember. Fry becomes all paternal, and begins to look after an egg, which hatches into Mr Peppy – a Bone Vampire which is “ugly and corrosive”, and spills his ooze everywhere and on everyone.

As a sidenote, the feel of this is very similar to The Simpsons episode, Bart The Mother, where Bart also looked after an egg, only for it to hatch into a lizard. Fry also suffers a heart attack, which is reminiscent of Homer’s from the Futurama maker’s longer-running show. Anyway, I digress.

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This leads the Planet Express crew to take the new pet to its home world, Doohan 6 – a planet populated by kilt-wearing guys called Angus who all have a “Scottish” accent. After the English accents displayed a few weeks back, it’s good to see their Scottish attempts are just as poor, though the episode’s all the more funny for it. It’s extremely likely, in fact, that the planet’s name is a tribute to the Canadian actor James Doohan, who memorably played Scotty in Star Trek.

There are shades of An American Werewolf In London here, too, as the gang find themselves outsiders in a world full of Sean Connery-esque Anguses, and the hunt begins for Mr Peppy.

The laughs may not come as thick and fast as normal, and the story certainly isn’t that engaging, but there are worse ways to spend twenty-two minutes. And fans will be glad to see the return of Fishy Joes and the Amazonian women (where Fry finds himself “scareoused”), though probably less pleased at Leela’s nature-loving side raising its head again. A mixed bag.

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