Flight Of The Conchords season 2 episode 7 review

The Prime Minister of New Zealand arrives in the latest episode of Flight Of The Conchords

7. Prime Minister

‘Demon woman You cut puppies’ toes off, pull an animal’s nose off How’d you magic my clothes off? Demon woman Take me back to your room, make me howl at the moon Make me pray to the temple of womb Demon woman, woman demon’

It’s all happening at the beginning of this episode; the Prime Minister of New Zealand is set to arrive so the consulate is a hive of activity – it actually seems as though Murray is doing some work. Not just focussing on his day job, Murray has organised a gig for the boys as Simon and Garfunkel impersonators. The boys are reluctant to sell out and perform other people’s songs until they hear that there’s $50 each in it for them. 

Cut to the boys performing an awful version of Scarborough Fair, with Bret dressed as Paul Simon and Jemaine dressed as Art Garfunkel. Mel seems less than impressed with this, but Jemaine attracts the attention of Karen, an Art Garfunkel obsessive, played by Mary Lynn Rajskub (Little Miss Sunshine, Punch Drunk Love and erm Dude, Where’s My Car). Also at the after party they meet an Elton John impersonator played by Patton Oswalt (Observe And Report).

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The next day sees the arrival of Brian, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, played by Brian Sergent (Who’s Jonah in the Jemaine Clement-starring Eagle Vs Shark). Murray gets Bret and Jemaine to give the Prime Minister a cultural tour of New York. Bret asks about the Prime Minister’s safety and asks if there’s a bodyguard. Murray advises that there isn’t and promptly assigns Bret as the bodyguard. Bret checks about the availability of New Zealand’s only firearm, to protect the Prime Minister, but Murray tells him that it’s unavailable and tells him to put his hand in his jacket and pretend it’s a gun.

The tour takes in the most important cultural site in New York – Dave’s pawn shop. The Prime Minister is shocked to see that Dave has a copy of The Matrix for sale as it has only just been released in New Zealand (some 10 years after the US release). Dave and the Prime Minister discuss the matrix and the fact that they both believe in its existence and that déjà vu is evidence.

Jemaine goes on his date with Karen, the Art Garfunkel fan, who advises that Jemaine’s look isn’t working for her and that he looked better the other night when he was dressed as Art Garfunkel. She insists that he goes home to get changed. Later he goes back to her apartment, where she dims the lights and insists that Jemaine doesn’t sing or speak and Jemaine performs Demon Woman.

Meanwhile, Bret, Murray and the Prime Minister are off to Washington to meet the President, but they’re denied access as Murray failed to arrange this, properly, in advance. Whilst this is happening, Jemaine is moping around in Central Park and he analyzes his relationship with Karen with Mel. This scene cuts away to Bret performing Oh Dance Baby, a fantastic Korean karaoke song with nonsense lyrics.

On the train journey back from Washington, the Prime Minister expresses his disappointment with Murray in his failure to set up a presidential meeting. Murray offers an apology that the Prime Minister accepts. They all plan a party, the original plan of a BBQ is scrapped and they go with a fondue party instead. The Prime Minister agrees to bring his suitcase full of cheese and Bret agrees to make 15 croutons. Cut to a rooftop scene where the party’s in full swing. Murray hires an Obama impersonator so that the Prime Minister gets to meet the President. The Prime Minister and the impersonator have a number of photos taken but things take a turn for the worst as the Prime Minister spots two Elton John impersonators go into a room together, which he believes is a glitch in the matrix. He proceeds to jump off the roof.

Whilst the party is going on, Jemaine is at Karen’s house, trying to break up with her. She goes to another room and there’s a knock at the door. Jemaine answers and it’s the real Art Garfunkel, who pleads with Karen to take him back. Jemaine makes his exit and spots Mel and what appears to be Bret making out in a car – it turns out to be Doug dressed up as Bret.

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When back at the apartment, Jemaine finds Bret, dressed as Paul Simon, accompanied by several men dressed as Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Presumably Bret is aiming to make some money on the side performing covers of Graceland.

Sadly this wasn’t a great episode, despite having its moments, it was distinctly average.

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