Flight Of The Conchords season 2 episode 10 review

The boys really get into creative gear for their off-broadway musical. But it does seem awfully familiar...

10. Evicted

‘So we drank all night from the kegI passed out, then awoke with one legI said, “Petrov, have you seen my leg?”He said “No” and he went back to bed…But he looked suspiciously well fed.

The episode opens with Bret and Jemaine waking up and using various objects around the apartment to create an instrumental masterpiece. Eugene, their landlord, who has noticed a discrepancy in their rent payments, interrupts them. They’ve been paying their rent in New Zealand dollars, not US dollars. The boys have a month to come up with shortfall or they’ll be evicted.

Roll on a month and its little surprise that they’ve been unable to raise the necessary funds. They go to Murray for help who pitches an idea of a musical, based on their experiences, to them. They reluctantly go along with the idea and ask Murray if they can stay with him until they get the accommodation situation sorted out. Murray says that this is fine, although he has a tendency to grope people in his sleep. The boys suggest sleeping on the floor or in the kitchen but Murray indicates that they might not be safe, wherever they are.

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With staying with Murray not being an option, the boys turn to Dave who is also unable to help due to his dad being a drug dealer and he doesn’t want them around in case anything goes down. He instead takes them to a seedy hotel which has a rate that suits the boys budget, the only catch is that a murder took place in the room earlier that day. The man at the desk explains how a man was dismembered by his wife. As this is being explained, Mel turns up and offers the boys a room at hers. Clearly worried, they ask about the whereabouts of Doug who turns out to be there, so everything is fine.

Later at Doug and Mel’s apartment, Mel is reading the boys a list of rules that they must adhere to whilst living under her roof. These rules include not bringing girls back and preferably not leaving the apartment. Mel asks for a private performance from the boys but Jemaine makes excuses to get out of it. Doug offers to play the harp, but Mel rubbishes this suggestion, as it isn’t manly enough.

Later Mel tucks the boys up tight in bed and we cut to the first musical number of the episode, Petrov, Yelyena And Me, which I’m sure some of you will recognise from the album Folk The World Tour. It’s a great song about Doug (Petrov), Mel (Yelyena) and me (Bret) who are stranded at sea together and suffering from starvation. When Bret falls asleep, Petrov and Yelyena gradually eat him, starting with his leg and moving on to his arm. When Bret questions them, they state that they’re eating fish. Bret ends up arsenic to poison them, and in the end it’s just his head that’s left.

Following Bret’s nightmare, the boys are allowed to leave the apartment to rehearse their Off-Broadway musical, early rehearsals bear more than a slight resemblance to Star Wars Episode IV. Later Bret and Jemaine are sat down by Mel and Doug, who explain that they’re separating. Mel says that it’s got nothing to do with Bret and Jemaine, to which Doug says that it actually has everything to do with them. Mel gets custody of Bret and Doug gets custody of Jemaine but Mel states that she’ll fight to get Jemaine back. We see Mel spending time with Bret teaching him to rollerskate and Doug partying in a mobile home with Jemaine.

Later we see the boys performing at the opening night of their Off-Broadway musical. The musical goes through their experiences in New York, with key moments from both series included. The theme of illegal immigrants is picked up on my audience members and the boys are promptly deported back to New Zealand. We later see them working on a farm, performing an instrumental musical number in a similar manner to the one that opened the show.

So that was the finale then. It has to be said that it was quite disappointing. Save for the musical number Petrov, Yelyena And Me there’s not much to praise. I think it’s fitting that the episode and series ended with their deportation, as I’m not sure where else there is to go with the current format.

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The season was very inconsistent. There were some amazing moments and musical numbers but there were also a lot of moments that missed the mark. Even the musical number in this episode was a major letdown.

To see how a comedy series can end, in amazing fashion, with a musical number I would encourage you all to seek out the finale of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia series 4 to see The Nightman Cometh, which really is hilarious.

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