Flash Forward episode 6 review

Billy wishes he could FlashForward to the end of this show, which is going downhill fast...

6. Scary Monsters And Super Creeps

I sense from the talkback on the last review that people don’t like me pointing out how shoddy this show can be. So, ahead of seeing this episode I decided this week to try to concentrate on the positive aspects of Scary Monsters And Super Creeps.

Having now seen it, I’ve realised that these reviews need to be at least 500 words, generally, which is, frankly, something of a stretch on the encouraging aspects of this material. But I’ll try.

What did I like? Well, there’s a subplot where Demitri Noh and Al Gough follow some blue hand clues to the people who attacked them, admitting along the way that he’s now entirely bought into the flash concept, something he’s been resisting so far for obvious reasons. I wasn’t entirely convinced by the join-the-dots detective work, but at least it made more sense than most of their attempts at investigation so far.

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There was also an uncomfortable clash of agendas when Lloyd’s son turns up at the Benford household telling everyone that “It’s my house too!” Lloyd follows him there and a difficult moment ensues when Olivia, Mark and Lloyd all manage to arrive on same page for once.

If you’re wondering about the David Bowie referenced title, this is a Halloween special of sorts, as the ritual of Trick or Treat plays a part in the story.

Oops, I’ve run out of good things to say. Did I mention how amazing the Halloween costumes were? No, they’re really something, to the point that I’m amazed how professional people can be to get some free candy. Congratulations must go to costume department for Aaron’s ‘Obi-wan’ attire, where they’d clearly been told to create the costume of a Star Wars obsessive. It’s so accurate to the movie version that they even got one of those really expensive lightsaber replicas for him, making Aaron the token geek in this week’s show.

What didn’t I care for? Plenty, but mostly that the progress of the larger story arc is now moving at the sort of speed that makes petrification seem rushed. It’s like the writers are assuming that this will run for at least five seasons before any serious plot headway is made. I can tell them now it won’t, so get a move on!

In an attempt to redeem itself they throw in a major plot point in the last thirty seconds, which would have been a shock had I, along with most of the people following this show, not already seen this scene in the promo sequence at the end the pilot episode.

I could make acerbic comments about the god-awful scenes on the train involving the mercurial Simon, but I’ve not any idea where even to begin with them and the abysmal dialogue contained within them.

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The overnight numbers indicate I’m not the only viewer who feels this way, as this episode hit a new season low.

Before you all vent your spleens about how I’m not cutting this show any slack, consider this: if I’m wrong about this show my penance will be writing about it for some months yet, as painful as I’m currently finding it.

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