Falling Skies: The Pickett Line, Review

Spoilers ahoy! The Volm mole is revealed in the latest episode of Falling Skies! We tell you who it is, so read at your own risk if you haven't watched yet!

Into the seventh episode, and Falling Skies rolls on with no plausible storyline and one big moment of, “I knew it was them,” at the end. Well, the “I knew it was them” came from me to my friend as we sat on the couch watching. “I told you she was the mole!” My friend sipped champagne from her glass and looked like she could care less as she checked Twitter.

“The Picket Line” starts with the Masons trundling along in their journey to find Alexis and Anne. Tom and Ben share some bonding time speculating whether Ben’s new alien-baby sis will gain acceptance in human society (conclusion: no). Then their rebel skitter guide comes back and warns them of mauraders…and quickly thereafter dies of his injuries.

Meanwhile, back in Charleston, Pope gets a bug up his ass when Weaver, upon new Charleston Prez Marina Peralta’s orders, confiscates his shantytown and bar in the name of space needs. The argument quickly turns the characters into boring mouthpieces of “civil rights” vs. “needs of war” which is mercifully cut short when Cochise strolls in carrying an injured President Hathaway in his arms. Is any explanation given of how Cochise found his way back? What happened? Any other survivors? No, no, and…no.

Once they have Hathaway cleaned up a bit and in a hospital bed, Peralta, Cochise and Weaver hold a quick official meeting where Peralta immediately and without any subtly starts talking about how she distrusts the Volm weaponry. Why the secrecy? Why is the engine thingey more powerful or whatever? Why is it so weird? Cochise makes noises about the mole, but Peralta dismisses it and basically says, “real friends don’t keep secrets!”

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In Charleston, two things happen: Pope gets arrested for stirring up civil unrest, and Cochise takes Peralta, Hathaway, and Weaver to see the weapon and explain the secret. Turns out the weapon isn’t to punch a hole, it’s to overload the big bad Espheni terraforming grid so it doesn’t destroy life on earth. Except the weapon miiiight actually kill everyone anyway so…

Yeah. This is the big secret everyone’s been keeping? If this is the secret, super lame. If it isn’t, well, expect a big reveal towards the end of the finale.

Weaver lets Pope out of jail, and also says he thinks Pope might be right about the Volm. Why does he think this after he just learned their secret? No one freakin’ knows…not even the writers probably. Pope strolls out, says some mean Pope-ish things to get under Maggie’s skin and then we switch over to Lourdes switching out the President’s IV, looking all mysterious and slipping away. And then…

I KNEW IT WAS HER! Please. A side character who’s just sort of there, except she’s like in every episode? Total mole material.

So, basically the point of this episode was to separate Tom from his kids and reveal the mole. And no, we still haven’t gotten to Anne and Alexis. And the weapon isn’t ready. And Pope’s being all irritated and cranky. And now Weaver is distrusting his superior and making lots of sad faces because he misses his bromance with Tom.

You just gotta deal man. They’ll always be your friend. Really. They will. Unless they unfollow you on Twitter. Then, they’re dead to you, and rightfully so. 

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Den of Geek Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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3.5 out of 5