Falling Skies: The Eye Review

The second episode of Falling Skies Season 4 reinforces why we should all be on Team Humans!

In tonight’s Falling Skies, “The Eye,” it’s nice to see that each member of the Mason family has a plan, even though they’re spread out between four different locations. Tom’s plan looks like every great prison break movie; Anne’s is a taste of “classic” Falling Skies from seasons past; Matt’s looks dangerously frail at the moment, but he’s positioning himself; and the plans of Ben and Lexi appear to be at odds for the time being, but that may change.

I liked seeing Hal step up and say to Tom that he didn’t need to shoulder the burden every time; that’s something Tom needed to hear, and it makes his character more realistic. Although his plan to escape the ghettos will probably yield the most exciting scenes in the next few episodes, I have to say his convenient stroll around the Espheni ship gathering intelligence was a bit too easy. However, the Overlord did put to rest many misgivings I had about the change in strategy in the premiere.

For example, we now know the Black Hornets are mindless drones created from captured rebel Skitters, whom I had started to wonder about. Apparently, the Volm aren’t the only missing allies. And speaking of the Volm, I’m still angry about Cochise’s inability to act, but if he can intercede briefly on Matt’s behalf in the re-education camp, it would give me more hope for the fate of the youngest Mason.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to see Matt make a love connection, but he’s clearly in danger and probably under suspicion. I mean does anyone really believe that Skip “graduated” after suggesting another secret meeting? That team leader looks like something right out of The Chocolate War, and I’m sure he’s about to call Matt out for planting the seeds of insurrection.

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I can’t say that I like how Anne is pushing the remnants of the 2nd Mass just to save her daughter, as if that’s all her followers have to worry about. Fortunately, though, she makes some headway by stumbling upon a wandering Skitter who tells her about “the hybrid,” a clear reference to Lexi. All they get is a direction: west, and a sense that there is fear surrounding the idea of Anne’s daughter. Do the Skitters fear her or is there more to it than that?

It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if they do fear her. Lexi is like Carrie, Firestarter, and Cid from Looper all rolled into one. It makes a certain amount of sense that Lourdes is manipulating the situation, since the cult-like circumstances blends her religious background with her having been healed of her eye-worm infestation at the end of last season. Perhaps Ben’s influence is just what Lexi needs; Maggie and Dr. Kadar certainly think so.

But why is Lexi meeting with an Overlord? Her accelerated aging and special powers clearly originate with the Espheni. Is she beholden to them? Or is this meeting an appeal for peace on one side or the other? Maybe I’m just being naive, and Lexi is really a collaborator. But she’s a Mason, dammit! I want to believe the best of her.

All in all, this episode was a great reinforcement of the new direction for Falling Skies this season. I’m fully on board now, and every story arc is moving along nicely. The only ding in the armor is the ease with which Tom got exactly the information he needed: the power source of the wall, the origin point of the Skitters, and the plans of the Espheni. But my dissatisfaction is tempered by the fact that I WANT Tom to win anyway, so there is that. Go humans!

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4 out of 5