Falling Skies: Exodus Review

As factions change and alliances merge, our interest is piqued in the newest episode of Falling Skies, "Exodus."

Thank goodness our band of weary soldiers have gone from four camps to three, as Anne and the remnants of the 2nd Mass finally reach Lexi’s sanctuary. Given that these two story arcs in Falling Skies were in the most danger of becoming stagnant, I’m glad a new dynamic will be brought into the mix. Anne’s group appeared to be wandering a bit too much, and although it’s good to see her in charge this season, there wasn’t much for them to do. Her dream sequence harkening back to her pregnancy when Karen was in charge was a nice nostalgic moment, but it was short-lived and felt disconnected.

Likewise, the goings on at the sanctuary were stuck in exposition mode until the introduction last week of the Overlord known as “The Monk.” Maggie’s confrontation about consorting with the enemy – although a refreshing return to normal for her character – was completely ineffectual and almost annoying. Did they really need to interrupt of Lexi’s teaching, whatever that may be, and combat Lourdes’ high priestess act AGAIN? Whatever amazing powers Lexi has, she better start using them before the audience gets bored with her little cult.

It looked like we were going to have more of the same at Matt Mason’s re-education camp as well with continued secrecy being interrupted only briefly – and unnecessarily – by the goody two-shoes of the Hitler Youth turning in her parents. Matt taking the heat for the theft of the wire clippers for his new girlfriend, Mira was predictable, but Cochise watching from the nearby woods as Matt was taken off to his judgment piqued my interest in the end.

By far the most exciting part of the episode, of course, was the prison break. Brilliantly conceived and aptly portrayed as a harebrained scheme, my only complaint was the continued naivety of the Overlord. Clearly not the brightest fish-head, Scorch (and now the reason for his moniker becomes clear) deserved to be burnt for his stupidity in meeting Tom on the ground. Nevertheless, the action was heart-pounding as the plan unfolded, and I certainly wasn’t expecting Pope to have to step in with the Faraday suit. I think he was genuinely hurt when Tom said he still didn’t trust him after all they’d been through. The truth is Pope is a self-serving pessimist, but he usually comes through in the end. And he did so in spectacular fashion!

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So now that they’re out of the ghetto, what’s next for Tom’s group? With Anne’s band finally finishing their journey, I guess the ex-prisoners will now become the obligatory marching wanderers this show has rarely been without. Will they go after the re-education camps before heading off to find Lexi and the others? And someone please tell me what was that thing that Weaver saw at the end? It didn’t sound like any of the creatures we’ve known or have met before. Now that’s a mystery I can sink my teeth into!

Falling Skies started off strong, and clearly this was a transitional episode with some unfortunate slow parts. However, the direction appears to be solidly laid out even if the pacing was off this week. Hopefully, now that the audience’s attention isn’t so divided, things will move more quickly from here on out.

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3.5 out of 5