Falling Skies: Brazil (Season 3 Finale), Review

The season 3 finale is heavy on action, low on surprises, and not all that satisfying considering the promise that Falling Skies once showed...

Ooooh, Falling Skies. So basically, in the season 3 finale, you had the Volm on one side, the Eshveni on the other, and the humans squished in the middle in the bitch seat. Wow. Battlefield Earth has never been more awkward.

At the very least, this episode wrapped up plot points and (tried) to gear things up for a Season 4. Why did TNT order a Season 4 when the weak writing and suckatude episodes have resulted in falling ratings? No idea. Maybe they figure a show with  aliens being blown up is better than no show with aliens being blown up. Or maybe they just reaaallly like Noah Wyle. Who can blame them? He’s both The Librarian and The Professor AND Dr. Carter. Such a trinity of nerd heroism is not to be found in one man…until Wyle.

Anyways, basically in the season finale the rest of the Volm forces arrive and kind of take to bossing humanity. Humanity doesn’t really like it, and there are vague references to humans becoming a slave race again, just with different alien masters. Also, the Volm weapon works and, oh yeah, surprise of all surprises, Anne and Alexis are still alive. What a shocking, shocking, shocking, turn of events (not really).

The Volm arrive, take over the fight, and want to ship humanity to some camps in Brazil to wait out the war while the Volm take out the Eshveni. The humans (Tom, Weaver and the gang) don’t particularly like being pushed out of the fight and put to pasture (or in this case, jungle). The Volm don’t particularly care at first (being mighty and bossy alien overlords) but then they see the point and let the humans run around on their own. Oh, and also, Cochise’s dad is the head Volm honcho. Seriously, why is nepotism cross-species?

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Of course, Karen just has to show up and be all like, “The Volm are bad. Let’s make an alliance.” Tom, however, doesn’t really want to listen to her since she’s been a mega-alien beyotch and just shoots her in the chest. Then Anne and Alexis come strolling out of the woods, all la de da and alive. Also, Alexis has aged into a snotty, creepy pre-teen instead of a snotty creepy baby. That alien DNA tends to accelerate growth. Oh, and she also has alien super powers and pulls out all the bugs that turned Lourdes bad. Problem solved, no one has to be executed, everyone’s happy (especially Weaver) to be together and on the road again.

Honestly, the point of this season seemed…well, there was no point. It’s clear that the Volm are a deus ex machina that wobbles on being a deceitful, backstabbing traitor storyline. The writers can’t seem to make up their minds which it is (altruistic heroes or douchebags), so it’s been a season of red herrings and weird character flips. Also, I guess the Eshveni aren’t bad enough bad guys anymore? Except they were and are, so….why add in another element of weirdness?

It seems like everyone’s gotten a bit tired, and Season 3 was definitely a let down from the finale of Season 2 when the Volm landed and stepped out of the spaceship. And of course, humanity has made no progress towards rebuilding,  they’re just refugees again caught between two superpowers who have taken over their planet to duke it out. When did this show become a weird alien version of Vietnam, except in the analogy, the humans are the Vietnamese and the Volm and Eshveni are Russia and the U.S.? I don’t know which is which, but I will say that it’s always sucks to be stuck in the middle. 

Den of Geek Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

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3 out of 5