Exclusive: James Corden on his Doctor Who future

Will James Corden be returning to Doctor Who again? We asked the man himself that very question...

Last weekend, James Corden returned to Doctor Who, playing Craig for the second time, and this time doing battle with the Cybermen. We caught up with him the week before, to natter about his new book, May I Have Your Attention, Please?, and asked him if there’s more Doctor Who on the horizon for him…

You’ve returned to play Craig for a second time in Doctor Who now. But do you foresee any longer term work on Doctor Who?

Well, I’ve had some e-mails from Steven [Moffat] this week, actually, about trying to do something. It’s just trying to do something, and tying up schedules really. It’s just trying to work out if we can find the window with this play I’m doing, and with something else I’ve got coming up afterwards. Whether we can squeeze something in.

But I would love to. Don’t tell them, but I would do it for free. I feel so proud to be part of it, I can’t tell you.

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I was never brought up as a huge Doctor Who fan, because I grew up in a house with two sisters, and they were scared of it. And then when it came back with Christopher Eccleston and Russell T Davies, I remember thinking this is brilliant, this has got the magic, and it’s an odd thing to compare it to, that The Simpsons has got. That I can enjoy it, and my nine-year old nephew can enjoy it. For the same reasons, and for different reasons, we’re both enjoying it. And I don’t think anyone can ever grasp quite how difficult that is to do. To make a show that doesn’t exclude age or class is phenomenal.

And the truth is that Matt Smith, I just adore him. I say it in the book, I would work with him every day of the year if I could. His energy and commitment is infectious, and you can’t help but get swept up in it. Being around him on a set, you can’t help but be won over by it. He is just so the right man to be playing that part, and I don’t know how he does it. It’s gruelling, his schedule is gruelling. He just does it, nine months of the year. It’s like a freight train when you get on it, it doesn’t stop.

I was proud to be in it once. I will be over the moon to be in it twice. I will do everything I can in my power to make it work out that we get to do something at least next series.

You can read our full interview with James Corden here.

May I Have Your Attention Please? is available now, published by Random House.

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