Endeavour series 7 news, story, cast, no. of episodes, release date

Here’s all the news you need about Endeavour’s return to ITV for series 7…

Oxford City Police’s finest will soon be back in a new three-part series that takes Endeavour into a new decade. Series seven of the Inspector Morse prequel kicks off on New Year’s Eve 1970 with the discovery of a body setting in motion a brand new investigation.

Filming began in and around Oxford on series seven in August 2019, with lead Shaun Evans once again stepping behind the camera to direct the first of the three new episodes. Entitled Oracle, it will air on Sunday the 9th of February 2020 at 8pm on ITV1, and be followed by episodes two and three.

Along with the series seven filming announcement came a treat for fans – series eight has been ordered and will air on ITV in 2021. It’s not yet known how many episodes series eight will have, but we do know from our 2019 chat with creator Russell Lewis that the crime drama’s endpoint is almost in sight.

Read more about series seven and beyond in our round-up below.

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Endeavour series 7 – The Geek Lowdown

How many series are there? Six, with seven in production and eight confirmed

Renewed or cancelled? Renewed for series seven and eight

Next series air date confirmed? Yes, it’s Sunday 9th of February 2020.

Where to watch: ITV1

Created by: Russell Lewis, from characters created by Colin Dexter

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What happened last time? Here’s our series one to five recap, and here are our series six reviews.

Endeavour series 7 next episode trailer

Here’s a glimpse of Sunday night’s instalment, Raga, written by Russell Lewis and directed by Zam Salim:

Endeavour series 7 story: a new decade for DS Morse

The sixties are over, prepare for a new decade of decimalisation, blackouts, the oil crisis three day weeks and kipper ties for our man on the force.

In the official Endeavour series seven synopsis from ITV, Russell Lewis promises that series seven will “break new ground, and go places we haven’t been before – both physically and emotionally.” Each of the three new instalments can be enjoyed as a standalone episode, he explains, “we have approached Endeavour 1970 as three panels of a triptych, or – in musical terms – a grand opera that unfolds across three acts.”

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Endeavour series 7 episodes: Shaun Evans back in the director’s chair

Series seven is a three-parter with all episodes once again written by series creator Russell Lewis. Lead Shaun Evans, who previously directed series six’s critically acclaimed Apollo, is back directing the series opener, Oracle, filmed partly on location in Venice. He’s followed by Zam Salim on episode two Raga, and Kate Saxon on episode two, Zanana, both first-time Endeavour directors. Here are the synopses:

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Episode 1 synopsis: Oracle

As Endeavour sees in the new year – 1970 – at an opera house in Venice, a murder on an Oxford towpath speaks to Thursday’s intuition, and convinced he has the man responsible, he vows to bring him to justice. Returning home, Endeavour makes a new acquaintance, and old friendships show signs of strain. Later, when an exciting new educational television programme appeals for Academic presenters, a contentious college project develops into a fatal battle of the sexes. On investigating, Endeavour and Thursday discover a potential link between the department and a young woman’s troubling premonitions.

Episode 2 synopsis: Raga

As campaigning for the 1970 general election gets underway in Oxford, racial tensions escalate in the city and a clash between two young rival gangs results in tragedy. Initial investigations lead Endeavour and Thursday to the door of a familiar face, where they discover the influence of the British Movement, a right wing organisation hoping to win an Oxford seat. Elsewhere in the city, tragedy strikes a second time, this time an Indian restaurant, where a customer’s mysterious disappearance and a shocking murder put even the strongest family loyalties to the test.

Episode 3 synopsis: Zanana

The final panel is ‘ZENANA’… It too features an advisory referendum… In 1970 college membership was strictly and exclusively divided according to sex. Five of the Oxford colleges were for women, with the rest for men. However, the spectre of co-education is in the air, and academics and 9 students at Lady Matilda’s college face the possibility that men will soon have access to spaces that since their founding have been the sole preserve of women. The barbarian is at the gate…

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Endeavour series 7 cast: the boys are back in town

Series seven will of course see the return of Shaun Evans (DS Endeavour Morse), Roger Allam (DCI Fred Thursday), Anton Lesser (CS Reginald Bright) and Sean Rigby (DS Jim Strange), alongside James Bradshaw (Dr Max DeBryn), Abigail Thaw (Dorothea Frazil), Caroline O’Neil (Win Thursday) and Sara Vickers (Joan Thursday).

Joining them this time will be are Stefanie Leonidas, Ryan Gage, Holli Dempsey, Pal Aron, Madhav Sharma, Lucy Briers, Carol Royle, Reece Ritchie and Rebecca Saire (married in real-life to DCI Fred Thursday’s Roger Allam, fact-fans).

Read more at ITV here.

Endeavour series 7 release date: confirmed for February 2020

ITV has confirmed that series 7 will arrive from Sunday the 9th of February at 8pm. The first episode of the new series is titled Oracle, and was directed by Shaun Evans. Read our spoiler-filled episode review here.

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