Elseworlds Crossover: When Supergirl Met Lois Lane

OK, so they've already met in the CW superhero-verse... We still talked to Melissa Benoist about the Kara/Lois interaction in Elseworlds.

It’s cool and everything that Superman will return in the “Elseworlds” superhero crossover event, but let’s be real: We’re here for Lois Lane. We’ve yet to see the DC Comics reporter make an appearance in this TV universe, even though we’ve heard mention of her from beau and partner-in-justice Clark Kent. 

This will all change next week, when The CW embarks on its annual superhero crossover event. Lois, played by Elizabeth Tulloch (Grimm), will appear in all three episodes of the crossover. Den of Geek was part of a group of reporters who had the chance to talk to Melissa Benoist (aka Kara) about the big moment. 

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“[Kara has] known her for a while in our story, in our universe, but playing scenes with her for the first time, the way they’ve written her is perfect,” teased Benoist. “I think people and fans especially of that mythology will really love it. And Bitsie Tulloch just nailed it.”

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Benoist is obviously very excited about the interaction we get to see between Kara and Lois. She shared a photo via her Instagram that shows Benoist, Tulloch, and Tyler Hoechlin (who plays Superman/Clark Kent) on the Smallville farm.

“That was really, really exciting,” said Benoist of getting to shoot on the Smallville farm. “All of us were beside ourselves. To pay tribute to that show felt good. When you’re there, even though it’s in Canada, it feels like pure Americana. [Laughs] It’s kind of weird. There are some really, really lovely, heartwarming scenes on the Kent farm.”

You had us at Smallville farm.

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The crossover kicks off with The Flash, which will air in Supergirl’s Sunday night timeslot on December 9. The story continues in Arrow on Monday, December 10. The trilogy will conclude on Supergirl, which will air during The Flash’s Tuesday night timeslot on December 11.

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