Elementary: Rip Off Review

Here's our review of this week's Elementary, in which Sherlock chases a severed hand!

Did anyone else miss Joan this week? I mean, aside from Clyde the turtle whose burgeoning wish to destroy Kitty was made abundantly clear this week. CBS should look into making and selling Clyde the turtle-themed T-Shirts. If they did this, you know I’d buy one, or seven, for my friends and also my personal collection of novelty t-shirts.

My love of T-shirts aside, let us return to the matter at hand: Missing Joan Watson. While the baggy clothing and honey-tinged tones of Lucy Liu are always going to be missed when they are absent, her sex-cation to Denmark was well-timed. 5 episodes in and with Joan surely making countless jokes related to Shakespeare’s Hamlet while rumbling in the sack with her new boy-toy, we finally get a taste of what exactly Kitty has to offer as a partner to the incomparable Mr. Holmes.

For an episode about the discovery of a severed hand, there was a woefully inadequate number of hand-based puns. I will forgive the episode for this, of course, because it granted us the vision of Jonny Lee Miller British-arm wrestling someone and that was truly a sight to behold. Honest to God, if given the opportunity (and were there enough Scotch in my system) I could easily be convinced to get a tattoo of this image emblazoned upon my buttocks.

This case, and Gregson’s discovery that his daughter was being knocked around by her partner, provided an ideal opportunity to present what Kitty has to offer the team. She could essentially become the show’s Black Canary, staunchly protecting wronged women and putting dick-bags in their place. That said, she’s also a bit of an extremist: There doesn’t seem to be a lot she won’t do if she thinks someone’s in the wrong. That’s great, but a little terrifying given the fact that she presents as a person who has been very deeply damaged.

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My concern (and it’s a good concern, one that means I’m actively thinking about this world) is that Sherlock (being, you know, Sherlock) will hurt Kitty in some way and make himself enemy number one in her eyes. If Sherlock does hurt Kitty, it won’t be intentional, but it could be a deep emotional laceration as he tends to work out whatever he’s feeling about Joan on her general person. Exhibit this week, attempting to get Kitty to sign an NDA after discovering Joan’s abandoned book about her time with Sherlock. Sure, he eventually does an about face, but not before being a bit of a dick. Proceed with caution, Sherlock. He’s let Kitty get very close, very quickly without, it seems, having a full understanding of who she is or what she could be capable of doing.

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4 out of 5