Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6 Review: That Witch

A glitzy Wizard of Oz-themed dream sequence for the ages makes for a memorably madcap episode of Dynasty

This Dynasty review contains spoilers.

Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6 Review

Holidays are always a little wild with the Carringtons, and “That Witch” is no exception. A delightful Twister reference brings in a Wizard of Oz-themed dream sequence for the ages to help Fallon figure out who she should be with, in the midst of a chaotic dinner where she’s trying desperately to prove to everyone, most of all herself, that all she wants is Culhane.

Dynasty is at its best when it goes full-on batshit glamazon bonkers, and nothing embodies that so fully as Fallon, dressed as couture Dorothy, using champagne to oil her tin man Culhane. I still feel like some of the fashion for this dream sequence could have gone bigger – where are my iconic red shoes? Not even Louboutins? Luckily, Fallon’s subconscious (and the Dynasty writers) know that Blake is too boring for this dream sequence, so they killed him.

Sammy Jo is the only one who could pull off his amazing fur look, and frankly the whole thing is worth it just for that. But then Fallon emerged in a green sequin jumpsuit (complete with turban-style head band and red cane, natch) as the real wizard, only to make out with herself, and Dynasty has completely outdone itself. Can this just be the show now?

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In all seriousness, the dream sequence helped advance the plot by helping Fallon work out what was going on in internally, and it was entirely based on the characters we know and love. It’s the kind of departure that works well precisely because it’s grounded in a world we’re familiar with, even if it’s a zany one.

The backdrop of all of this feels very one-sided. The story of Culhane and Fallon’s relationship has long been that she is the immature one, the liar, the person who can’t commit. But since the start of their real relationship, he’s been the one who won’t tell his mother, who keeps secrets, who presses Fallon that it must be something other than the woman she saw him with, even though he’s seen no reason for him to suspect this. Of course we know that she kissed Liam, but that literally just happened, and only after a mounting pile of evidence that something was very wrong with Culhane – at what point will he take ownership for his part in the relationship?

Fallon’s ultimate choice in this episode, to be with Culhane and say goodbye to Liam, feels like a plot-centric one. It’s the choice that gives the story the most longevity, since there’s room for her and Culhane to keep trying and messing things up before she eventually realizes she was actually forcing it. I don’t know if Liam is necessarily the answer for her, but I’ve got to hope the answer means a lot less stress and lies.

Elsewhere in Carrington manor, Blake continues to have his weird existential crisis at the expense of others, like when he kicked out his poor kitchen staff on Thanksgiving day so he could burn breakfast for replacement Cristal. They are truly weird, but I’m glad Cristal figured out Blake was the one responsible for her disturbingly large “severance check” from her clinic. Somehow Blake used a proposal to shut her up, the way that some romantic comedies have men kiss women to stop them from bringing up legitimate relationship issues and then all is forgotten. It’s a bit worrisome that she’s not concerned by this at all, but that feels like asking a lot from what has rapidly became the weirdest storyline on this show.

I’m still intrigued by what age Kirbie is supposed to be – I’m concerned that she thinks babies happen in her belly and “down under.” And what’s with CW shows and turkey basters? It’s no shock that Anders doesn’t want her to be a surrogate for Sammy Jo and Steven, but what is surprising is Dynasty going another route. Sammy Jo exercised some normal human judgment (strangely out of place for this show) and decided to help Kirbie in the meantime, reminding us that he’s still the most empathetic person on the show.

Meanwhile, Alexis’s position on the show continues to shift closer to good guy, as signaled by better wardrobe like her great over the knee boots and zebra print skirt, which were a lot more subtle than they sound. She’s also getting more sympathetic story lines, like her genuine concern for Blake’s well-being. It helps that it also affords Fallon the opportunity to blithely use the terms “Replacement Cristal” and “fairy godmother of death prevention” out loud. Their relationship is improving in a real way, which (unwittingly to Fallon) brought about Hank depositing Claudia and Matthew’s child on Alexis’s trailer doorstep, in a rare act of misguided genius, set to a rather effective acoustic Blink 182 cover.

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Well, that’s one way for Sammy Jo to instantly get a kid.

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4 out of 5