Dynasty Episode 15 Review: Our Turn Now

Dynasty hits us with two weddings, one bride, a death, and whole lot of betrayal and scheming in this perfect episode

This Dynasty review contains spoilers.

Dynasty Episode 15

The only thing better than a Dynasty wedding is a fake Dynasty wedding. And this episode gave us two Dynasty weddings – one of each – both with the same bride. Plus, the return of racist grandpa, Fallon and Cristal working together, Sam and Steven finally admitting their true feelings to each other, and some top-notch scheming all around. Everything is hanging in the balance, suspended animation, while both families tap dance their way toward the Fake Wedding of the Century.

This whole Jeff/Fallon storyline has been such a great riff on the original series. For those who missed it, OG Jeff and Fallon were will-they-wont-they, but ultimately they were ride or die, and got married. Here we have them (sorta) legitimately dating, marrying, and then doomed to spend a ton more time together, shortly after Fallon learned of Jeff’s betrayal and Jeff’s father accused him of having real feelings. (Which is it Cecil, immoral for being a fake wedding, or a dangerous tactic because Jeff has real feelings?)

This episode finally gave me exactly the kind of soapy chess moves I knew this show was capable of, like Cecil accidentally poisoning his own son when he meant to poison Blake, and then finding out he got outplayed by his own son. This episode found the right times to keep the audience in, and when it was more fun to leave us in the dark, something the show has struggled with in the past.

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I don’t know what more we could want from an episode of Dynasty, other than the arrival of Alexis Carrington. And while we have to wait a couple more episodes, the events at Fallon’s sham wedding have set up her return perfectly.

Hey remember when the Carringtons had a dog? Me either. Last time we saw this pooch he was being dosed (or not) as a pawn in whatser names scheme. But he got to walk down the aisle, because literally everyone except the dead and fallon’s mom Alexis are here at this godforsaken wdding

I LOVE that Cristal was on Fallon’s side from the beginning, in spite of her sniping, and even walked her down the aisle. Between the break in, the kidnapping, and this shame wedding, “begrudging camaraderie with a dash of sniping” is officially my favorite mode for Fallon and Cristal’s relationship.

I am so here for triumphant Fallon, especially backed by Cristal. They ran a con on the Colbys, got Blake back for trying to use them both, and got Fallon back her original investment and then some. I also love that Fallon did Sammy Jo a solid by getting him the hot pretend date – even if he is straight, and her husband. Now everyone knows that Cristal will do whatever it takes to protect the family, even if she has to protect it from Blake. I’m just counting down until she and fallon have to team up to take down this Liam Ridley guy. There’s no way he’s going quietly, right?

The fashion in this episode was top notch. I ADORE Fallon’s velvet jacket with the tiger bedazzling. But hers are probably Swarovski. Her wedding dress was pretty cray – boobs do not need wings – but I bet she’d care more about the dress if she loved the guy. Which is why I’m more excited about her all-white, Beyonce-inspired wedding outerwear. Jeff’s gold bow tie is amazing, as is Monica’s rose gold sequin coat and Sammy Jo’s black and silver embroidered jacket at the wedding. Monica’s wedding dress, on the other hand, was very 80s Barbie, although that’s pretty much the point.

I’m glad that this is the episode that both Carrington children decided to get real about their feelings, but I’m with Colhane on this one: you should probably tell a person you love them for the first time more than five minutes before the proposed wedding. Don’t toy with Colhane, girl.

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Sam’s plan is to get Fallon to sign off on his job, and go back to school. Of course, racist Grampa has other plans. I’m just glad that Steven finally realized that Sam’s safety is more important than a two week old political campaign. Of course Fallon puts that off, making Sam vulnerable to the impending ICE raid. I’ve gotta think she and the rest of the Carringtons will do the right thing when the time comes. I also love that it’s been four episodes since the kidnapping and Sam is still shading his boss’s bangs, while asking her for a favor/fraud, no less. I couldn’t possibly love him more.

Can we talk for a minute about Jeff’s morality here? First, I am concerned about his perception of marriage, which he keeps referring to as “taking Blake’s daughter.” Marriage is no longer a business transaction where two men exchange property, sir. As if that’s not bad enough, . I’m also concerned by how much everyone tosses are Mrs. HisLastName throughout the episode, whether Colby or Colhane, or simply lamenting that she’ll be more that than Carrington. What is this nonsense? The only name Fallon has adopted is her mother’s, to be her company’s moniker. And marriage is additive – it doesn’t sever ties with your own family. It cannot make her less of a Carrington.

Both Jeff and his father are bad at achieving their stated goals of 1) “ending” Blake, and 2) not hurting anyone else. It’s bizarre that each feels he has the moral high ground here – Jeff, for not murdering anyone, but still being completely willing to use Fallon and ultimately his sister. His father, on the other hand, finds the sham marriage unconscionable, but seems pretty into murder, at least as far as Blake Carrington is concerned.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Carrington wedding if there wasn’t one more bomb to drop: after Cecil accidentally gives racist grandpa heart attack, we learn that Blake was telling the truth. He didn’t sleep with Mama Colby. But apparently he was covering for the dead or dying racist grandpa.


5 out of 5