DuckTales Season 2 Episode 9 Review: The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!

DuckTales gives us a fun romp, even if there isn’t much gold to be had.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Season 2 Episode 9

It’s always odd when I give DuckTales a less than stellar review. This show is usually rock solid, with the series rarely scoring below a 3/5 and on average netting 4’s and higher. So what about this episode left me a little cold?

I can put it down to two things, the first being is that it was a little too straightforward. The framing device of Scrooge telling the story to Louie was fun but it seems it could have been used to greater effect. Same with Gyro traveling to the past. There’s a ton of great gags that could have been utilized and that’s another problem with the episode.

The second is there’s too many fun ideas stuffed into one episode. Scrooge and Goldie reuniting, Sheriff Marshall Cabrera, the Old West Gizmoduck suit, Gyro time traveling, and Rockerduck would all work great if they were given time to breathe. All shoved in here though? We don’t get time for any one part to have real development. It’s all thrown out there so quickly you can’t appreciate it. 

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It’s a shame because Rockerduck especially is a fun addition to the show. I loved his little fisticuffs bit with Scrooge and wished he’d been developed into a more memorable foil. As it stands he’s one of the weaker DuckTales villains. Still, having too many good ideas at once is not the worst problem a show can have. It still ends in a great climax and the gag with the rockets strapped to an actual horse was easily the best one in the episode. 

It’s also nice that, after ‘Treasure of the Found Lamp!’ Scrooge is ready and willing to share another story with his family. Sure it’s another one about business and his hard working lifestyle but at least we’re getting to see some of the growth from the previous outing.  

The twist ending with Louie calling up Goldie for help though? That’s a plotline I can’t wait to see. There’s so many possibilities to explore Louie’s laziness with his schemes and Goldie is perfect for that. If this is just setup for a new arc in the series, I can cut this episode a little slack.

Even if this outing wasn’t up to the series’ standard, a mediocre episode of DuckTales is still better than most TV out there. A standard adventure is fine but this one had potential to be something more.

DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better 

– “Hold up, is this another old timey Scrooge story about grit and determination!” 

– “Nope. Gross. Old people romance. Blech.”

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– “Who are you?”“Nobody. Just your common crackpot outlaw. Definitely not a brilliant scientist from the future accidentally stuck in the old west. I mean, current west.”

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2 out of 5