DuckTales Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Treasure of the Found Lamp!

DuckTales beautifully lampoons the tropes of epic quests and gives us its most (delightfully) pedestrian adventure yet.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Season 2 Episode 8

DuckTales has a delightful tendency to not go where you think it’s headed. The beginning of ‘Treasure of the Found Lamp!’  sets up what could be a standard adventure, which of course DuckTales would do great with, but goes an even more amazing direction. It (lovingly) lampoons epic quests and makes the actual plot much more pedestrian, to hilarious effect. 

I can’t get over just how well DuckTales does comedy. The swerve into farce land did this episode so many favors, with my favorite of the two plots being Webby and Scrooge’s stalling of Djinn. Webby’s enthusiasm was of course infectious but it was Scrooge’s exasperated but well-intentioned part in it that was tip top. The riddle sequence is one of DuckTales’ best and it’s so simple. By having Scrooge play it up, it makes Djinn’s super straight-faced responses even funnier. I’ll just say it now, there has never been a funnier “got your nose” gag ever.

Selene also made a welcome return, utilizing the world of DuckTales beautifully. I always love when shows like this return to locations we’ve seen and we get to see other sides to what seemed to be one off characters. It makes the whole show feel richer and it allows DuckTales to have even more fun with the amazing places it comes up with every episode. 

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The second plot featuring Huey, Dewey, and Louie was just rapid fire quick scenes that just kept building on each other. The best one has to be the Doofus Drake bit, if only because that guy is beyond creepy. Who knew sticky nickels could be so off putting? AND THE DUDE MAKES HIS BUTLER POUR SYRUP WITH HIS OWN HANDS. That’s an image that’ll be stuck in my brain for weeks and will make me shudder every single time. Thanks for that, DuckTales

For all the silliness in this episode the final reveal of why Djinn wanted the lamp so badly was a very sweet one. It didn’t have a genie; it just held special significance to his family. That story gave Djinn a lot of meaning in his life and shows that not everything needs to have great power or huge value to be worthy of an epic quest. Sometimes personal value is the greatest of all. 

This makes a perfect counterpoint to Scrooge, who thinks the stories of all his amazing adventures aren’t worth sharing with his family. As much as Scrooge has grown in his relationship with the kids, he still keeps them at a distance. By learning to share the stories of what he considers trivial, he can grow closer to his family. Opening up can help you grow closer to someone even more so than an adventure. 

Only DuckTales could deliver such a heartfelt message about familial relationships while also lampooning the kinds of stories it regularly trades in. DuckTales is back and we’re all the better for it. 

DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better 

– “You made Duckworth do all the work?”“It’s his job, he lives for it!”“He’s a ghost!”“And who am I to deprive him of a chance to feel alive, Hubert?”

– “Why have a deadly temple if you’re not gonna use it, right?”

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– “What is this garbage distracting me from my garbage???”

– “This is so much realer than my fake adventure!”

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4 out of 5