DuckTales Season 2 Episode 22 Review: GlomTales!

"Life is like an evil scheme here on GlomTales!" DuckTales gets a Glomgold makeover.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Season 2 Episode 22


Yeah there’s deeper stuff to talk about in this episode but that GlomTales opening is hands down one of the greatest sequences DuckTales has ever done. The way it’s intentionally made to look bad only highlights just how much work was put into making it seem like an actual video Glomgold would make. The bit at the end where he runs out of budget is just the icing on the cake.

As funny as the opening is it also speaks to Glomgold’s biggest flaw in this episode. He only wants the appearance of something real to further his own goals. He doesn’t decide to start a real family; he just bribes his way into making a knockoff version of Scrooge’s.

It speaks to the artifice of his whole life, his whole identity is fabricated and that’s his ultimate downfall. He’s created this entire persona in the pursuit of wealth and getting back at Scrooge. Sure, Scrooge didn’t pay him enough when he was younger but that’s no excuse. No matter what, Glomgold’s fake family would never be able to stand up against the real one because their connection isn’t true.

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So what about Louie? His whole storyline was dealing with being grounded. While he hasn’t totally accepted what he did was wrong, he does agonize over a valid point. Scheming is what he’s good at and Della grounding him just made him feel as if his one good trait was being denied. Thankfully Della acknowledges this can be used for good… but is that enough to set Louie down the right path? 

The cliffhanger ending of this episode is intriguing because Louie could be headed down the path Glomgold did. Obsessed with riches and scheming his way into the appearance of a happy life. Just look at what Louie did to try and get out of being grounded. He went to great lengths to avoid taking responsibility instead of just owning up to it. His obsession with an easy life could lead him to working harder than he’d ever planned… and it’s all a domino effect first started by Scrooge.

Lest we forget, Scrooge was the one who set Glomgold on his path. So is Scrooge ultimately responsible for Louie possibly stealing his money? That’d be fitting, Scrooge’s downfall being (indirectly) at his own hands. 

We won’t know until tomorrow but this narrative arc that DuckTales is developing is starting to bring together all the plot strands from the season in a fascinating way. Let’s see how it plays out.

Oh yeah, Magica working birthday parties was a close runner up for best moment of the episode after the GlomTales opening. That juxtaposition of her hammy dialogue with the mundane location was delightful.

DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better 

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– “And then we shall return here declare war on the day manager and all children with birthdays!”

– “Ah, blind petty revenge. That’s what family’s all about.”

– “A good scheme is like a family. It can be big, complicated, frustrating, and people may not always understand it. But when the individual parts come together, they can achieve the impossible. And the family united is the finest scheme of all.”

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3.5 out of 5