DuckTales Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Raiders of the Doomsday Vault!

A surprise reference is just the start of another stand out DuckTales.

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Season 2 Episode 13

Allow me to digress before we’ve even begun. As those who follow these reviews are probably aware, I’m not a hardcore DuckTales/Donald Duck/Scrooge McDuck fan. Sure I watched DuckTales as a kid and I’ve loved this new series, but there are some deep cut references in this show that just slip past me. I don’t devote too much time to them anyway because the show should be able to stand on its own even if you don’t get the references.

For the most part DuckTales has succeeded in that. Sure I’ve noticed when a deep cut reference passes by but it never makes me feel like I’m missing anything. Still, I’ve often wondered what it was like for hardcore fans to see something they love referenced. To see their favorite part of Disney history given some love.

Well today I finally got that because DuckTales finally referenced my favorite part of Disney history. A Goofy Movie. Yes, Della and Dewey were jamming out to ‘Stand Out’ from that movie’s soundtrack. First I was in disbelief. Then a grin spread across my face that quickly turned into a huge freaking smile that could power the sun.

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Like the other references DuckTales has pulled off, it won’t make anyone who isn’t aware of A Goofy Movie feel left out. It’s a nice bonding moment for Della and Dewey that helps set up their later- OKAY BUT POWERLINE EXSIST IN THE DUCKTALES UNIVERSE. There is a Powerline CD in the plane! Is that Della’s? Did Launchpad have it in there? Does this mean that a full discography for Powerline exists? We’d have to assume so if he was on tour in A Goofy Movie, although I guess that movie technically isn’t canon to DuckTales but whatever.

DuckTales, you’ve already done so much but I must ask for this. Give us more Powerline. At least some new track names. Anything!

As you can see, I really enjoyed that bit. It’s a perfect reference that proves just how good DuckTales is at fan service without pandering or losing the casual audience. It even works for Della and Dewey’s character arcs in this episode, trying to STAND OUT to each other. It also reminds us the entire Disney canon is up for grabs in the DuckTales universe. It’s also now making me think if Powerline was on the remix of “All I Do Is Win” that we heard a few episodes back.

ANYWAY, the episode itself. As ‘Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!’ set up, Della needs to learn how to be a mom. She’s certainly got the enthusiasm down, which makes Dewey the perfect character to go on her first adventure with, but again she learns it’s not that simple. While it’d be easy to just have Della learn a lesson, Dewey is also learning how to adjust to having his mom.

More than anyone else, it was Dewey’s life goal to find out what happened to her. Having her back is everything he ever wanted but he also needs to learn how to be her kid. At first he does everything she wants. He’s desperate to impress her and thinks he has to earn her love. For someone who’s never had a mom (or a dad, as far as we know) it’s understandable he’d feel this way. While Della didn’t mean to abandon her kids that’s still what happened. Now that she’s back, I’m sure Dewey worries she could leave again at any moment. He has to do everything he can to prove he’s not only her favorite son but that he’s worth sticking around for.

It’s heartbreaking when I put it like that but of course, DuckTales finds a way to make it fun. The Doomsday Vault is a fantastic set piece and any excuse to get Glomgold in on the action is much appreciated. I also love Owlson more and more every time we see her. She’s such a great foil to Glomgold and is 100% done with everything he does. Will she hit her breaking point soon? 

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Back to Della and Dewey, I love that Della’s loveable thirst for adventure is given a downside. It’s all fun sure, but she’s got to learn that it can put the people she loves in harm’s way. We’re reminded of what it did to Scrooge, with him grumbling about her always jumping head first into things and not thinking through them. It’s, again as DuckTales does, conveyed in a funny bit with Glomgold but it speaks to how there’s still some resentment there. 

Scrooge searched for years and I’m sure in some moments he was angry with Della. Angry for always rushing into things. Angry that she’d leave him behind. Now there’s anger about putting Dewey in danger. It shows how far Scrooge has come that he doesn’t care about the money tree, just saving his family. He’s grown so much!

Della’s impulsive nature is reflected back by Dewey, who turns up his own intensity by ten to try and impress her. When things get scary though, he admits he can’t do everything. Just like Della has to. When she tells him that, “you never have to prove anything to me” it’s also a quiet admission she has to think more about others than simply AVENTURE.

DuckTales is using the return of Della to tell some powerful stories about parents and children. While the series has already done a commendable job at showcasing different family dynamics, the parental side of things had been somewhat lacking. There’s a lot of emotional ground to cover there and this episode proved the series is more than capable of handling it. 

But seriously, more Powerline please. Thank you!

DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better

– “Not adventure. BUSINESS-venture.” 

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-“ I cut his dramatic entrance budget.”

-“No more cockamamie ploys!””Cockamamie ploy? That was clearly a maniacal scheme.”

– “NO! Curse you, gentle breeze!”

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4.5 out of 5