DuckTales Episode 9 Review: The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest!

We've missed DuckTales and this episode reminds us why the series is so amazing. Smart jokes, gorgeous locations, and... ICE FEVER?!

This DuckTales review contains spoilers.

DuckTales Episode 9

What have I done without DuckTales in my life these past few weeks? The whip smart humor, the unparalleled one liners, and now we can add adventuring through what may as well be a video game level. How can the world survive without this show on every week? 

DuckTales is back and it’s a joy to behold.

The main plot featuring Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, and Webby was apparently ripped right out of my life because I’ve been Scrooge. As someone who hikes (and gets lost) on mountains pretty frequently I know that feeling of not wanting to give up when you’re so close. 

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I could totally have believed Scrooge just didn’t want to be a quitter but to add a nice bit of back-story that he had failed in the past? That adds a new layer to the guy. He used to be someone afraid of risks, afraid of the impossible. 

This brings such a larger than life character down to Earth. We can’t relate to swimming through money but we’ve all failed at something and wanted to try again.

The interplay between Scrooge and Huey made for some great conflict, with Huey ending up in the right by the end. It’s a nice twist that you think this will be another episode where Huey relies too much on his guidebook but nope; he’s totally in the right! It’s not worth making your goal if you die in the process.

It’s rare any show, much less one aimed at kids, will show that life isn’t full of absolutes. In a less well handled series Huey’s “thing” would be relying too much on the guidebook and how negative that is. In DuckTales it’s shown it can be both good and bad depending on the situation.

I’m really digging the Dewey and Webby friendship building throughout the series. They’re the perfect match. Dewey is a little full of himself so he’d be the perfect guy to introduce Webby to the world. While Huey might show Webby the safe way to explore and Louie just wouldn’t want to go outside at all, Dewey is the most ready for adventure.

Having Webby around also provides an audience surrogate to all the wonder the family goes on. If somehow the sweeping visuals don’t impress you (which they should, this episode was GORGEOUS) Webby’s wide-eyed excitement gets the job done.

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While the past few episodes have featured straight up villains it was nice the episode relied solely on the location to drive the plot. Mt. Neverrest is right out of a video game and that made it a ton of fun to watch. All those portals? The avalanches? If the new DuckTales gets a video game this better be a level in it.

The social satire about tourist trap downs was spot on. Launchpad continues to delight as the loveable idiot and seeing him stumble through the whole town, genuinely beliving he was dying, was a riot.

Bringing Louie into it only heightened the gags. DuckTales has been so great about splitting up its characters so we get an idea of how they all interact with each other.

They also managed the impossible. A bodily humor joke that wasn’t terrible and didn’t involve a fart or barf.

“Soak in the wetness of my sweat!”

Genius. DuckTales, never leave. 

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DuckTales Quotes To Make Your Life Better

– “That man is not allowed in my home. He knows what he did.” DuckTales is becoming the king of throw away lines that I badly want as episodes.

– “They never have Dewey.” BRO I FEEL YOU.

– Webby’s bucket list including “high five a brontosaurus” is the best thing ever. Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

– “If I had a nickel for everyone who cursed me with their dying breath I’d be richer than I already am.” I love how chill about that Scrooge is.

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5 out of 5